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  • Your computer includes valuable information, mostly private. The computer repairs in Perth may need to modify Windows, which may need access to a password-protected administrator account. The technician can be reliable, but don’t totally count on that. Moreover, even if they’re reliable, they can still erase or mishandle your hard drive out of incompetence or necessity.

    But with the right decision, you can bring your computer to a service trip without experiencing disaster.

    Place important files in the cloud: If you are taking your PC to a shop, ensure that your files are in One Drive, Dropbox or other cloud-based storage account. This will make the files accessible using a different computer. Any alterations to the file on that computer will be adjusted on your real PC automatically.

    Backup: You need to create an image backup of your hard drive. It is a way to restore all your data files should a technician delete the hard drive and reinstall Windows from scratch.

    Be warned: If they have a valid reason for reinstalling, they can restore your files from the image backup, which is the reason for repair in the first place. Check with computer repairs in Perth if this is a great idea.

    Protect sensitive files: You probably have files that you dislike other people to know. This may be personal accounts such as tax forms, credit card and bank statements, or too private files. You can utilize a backup plan to keep all of these from letting other people know.

    Make your computer accessible: A computer technician may need to open your PC from time to time. Rather than giving them your password, why not deactivate Window’s logon password.

    Do not assume they know your problem: You may have informed the technician about the problem; however, it does not mean that they understood what it really was. So write down a detailed description of the problem.

    Before you take your PC to a technician, ensure you have checked the computer repairs in Perth if they are qualified to handle repairs. You certainly do not want to risk your files on someone inexperienced and will end up destroying your hard drive. It will feel great if you know that your PC is in safe hands.

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