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  • As technology moves forward, people are finding new ways to make their lives more convenient. For people in the wedding industry, like those that handle wedding catering in Sydney, drones and other new gadgets are becoming more and more common.

    There are other tech trends that are gaining popularity for weddings, and here’s a look at some of them.

    GoPros in the bouquet

    When people think of GoPros, they usually think of extreme sports like kayaking or the like. Well, someone had the idea to tuck a GoPro in a wedding bouquet and it’s been gaining popularity as a way to capture the special moments of the wedding day, no matter how fast they might pass by, with a unique perspective to boot, one that’s up-close and personal.

    Live-streaming robots

    Some couples have decided that a robot would be great to have handling live-streaming duty. It’s a solid idea, if a little silly to start. It frees up someone who otherwise might’ve spend all day manning a live stream camera and lets them enjoy the festivities, while it’ll also give some really lively photos.

    3D printed cake decor

    3D Printing has been really useful for industries, and it’s no less a boon for bakers and wedding catering in Sydney and across the world, as it now lets them 3D print decoration onto cakes and other foodstuffs. Great for creating a modern aesthetic, these decorations not only taste good, but look good as well.

    Light projections on the cake

    You can thank Disney for this one, as they’re the ones who unveiled a line of wedding cakes with digital mapping projections. Now the idea has started to gain ground, with other companies making projections for wedding cakes. What’s the benefit, you ask? You can map anything you want onto the cake, from pretty flowers to old photos and even something poetic or lyrical.


    As mentioned before, people working in wedding catering in Sydney and across the world are getting used to seeing a small drone fly overhead during the ceremony, capturing unique and never-before-possible shots that a normal person simply can’t get. If you want aerial footage during your special day, a drone is invaluable.



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