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  • Remodeling a kitchen nowadays is very different from when people remodel their kitchen a few decades ago. Back then, homeowners are not thinking about kitchen splashback tiles mosaic but goes with simple designs while they focus more on the paint colours and cabinets to be installed. A kitchen is no longer as simple as before because functionality is now very important and must be kept in mind while planning the design and layout. Therefore, homeowners must be updated with the latest trends when it comes to remodeling kitchen and the technology which can be taken advantage of.

    First, a kitchen should have a charging station for mobile devices. Everyone has a smartphone these days that they cannot function without it. Modern kitchens are now equipped with charging stations that are designed to be a part of the room. Gone are the days when phone chargers are left hanging on the kitchen counter which can be an eyesore. Charging stations for portable devices can now be installed inside drawers or cabinets where it can be charged properly without mixing with kitchen items.

    Modern kitchens must also have appliances that are of professional quality. These type of cooking appliances are no longer reserved for professional chefs alone but these can be seen at regular homes as well. These professional appliances include teppanyaki griddles, steam ovens, induction cooktops and fryers among many others. Majority of modern kitchen appliances can be operated remotely via Wi-Fi.

    Another must-have inside the modern kitchen is smart faucets. These can either be operated through hands-free sensor or it can have the latest LED tech. there are many other types of faucets to choose from including one with antimicrobial protection, a faucet with spout that can be pulled up and down and faucets with finishing that is resistant to spots and stains.

    The kitchen surfaces must also be given attention. Granite countertops are not recommended as it easily captures stain but one of the most popular is the engineered quartz which is easy to maintain and have different variations. Homeowners can also go for a kitchen splashback tiles mosaic to create a unique vibe inside the kitchen.

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