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  • It is not a secret that the way people are producing and consuming energy is affecting the planet. With this, the companies found all over the world are doing experiments with technology to create new ways to produce renewable energy and minimize fossil fuel use.

    With the reduction of energy use, it is not only great for the environment but also the finances of individuals and businesses.

    Kinetic energy

    Pavegen Systems looks to transform how energy is produced, as well as stored. It is doing so through considering something easily available: footsteps. The firm, which was founded in 2009 by Laurence Kemball-Cook, already developed the paving slabs, which convert pedestrian footsteps’ weight to electrical power.

    Kemball-Cook mentioned that this innovative flooring system idea came from his intent to look for another way for powering street lights and other city applications.

    Increasing efficiency

    Bulb, on the other hand, wants to help residential and commercial property owners to have bigger control of their consumption, as well as to help switch to renewable sources.

    Amit Gudha and Hayden Wood started their company following their work in the conventional energy industry. They saw that prices were very high and the services were bad. People also told them that they intended to purchase renewable energy but could not due to the price. So, they launched Bulb to give people a different choice.

    Bulb is also considering the smart meters’ potential, as these meters are going to provide the customers with more accurate energy consumption measurements.

    Gudka said that this data is going to let them place tariffs with ranging rates for various times in the day, which are fitted to the actual energy use in homes. The data gathered from these meters, he added, is going to let homes take part in ‘demand response’ that incentivizes the customers to minimize usage peak demand times for the grid.

    Summing up

    Technology is already made use to save energy. In the future, the residential and commercial properties, such as a house for rent in Pattaya or a condo building in California, are going to become fully green and thus, help the environment.

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