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  • According to the most recent reports, advancement in technology applied in developing tyres is already catching up with the technology used in manufacturing the vehicle itself. There will come a time when we no longer rely on budget tyres on the Gold Coast but we already have more advanced options such as tyres with the capacity to sense road conditions be it icy, hot or cold. With a sensor that can detect these conditions, the tyres will be able to adjust its grip and pressure to make sure that optimum performance is delivered by the tyres.

    Imagine a smart tyre that can send notification to the driver of there is any existing issues with the system before it worsens. Let us get ahead and imagine a tyre that has the capacity to repair damage without human intervention.

    All of these tyres may sound like impossible decades ago but with technological innovation, we can now see the future of the tyre industry.

    In fact, the tyre market in the United Kingdom is currently crowded after the Tyre Industry Federation revealed that there are over 300 brands in excess. These brands came from 45 different countries in the globe. There is no end in sight as many more try to present consumers with unique products.

    Next generation tyres have been released with built-in microchips to make them connected while the materials used in latest tyres are not the same as before. This is all done to make sure the tyre will have a longer life and to ensure the safety of the people using the car. It also contributed in reducing fuel costs as well as carbon emissions.

    Moreover, these modern tyres have the capacity to send important data to the driver, the car and its fleet manager.

    One of the most talked about tyre of the future is the one introduced by Goodyear which is known as Eagle 360 Urban. This is a spherical tyre that is controlled by artificial intelligence. It was included in the recent Geneva motor show held this 2017. Artificial intelligence might not be available with budget tyres on the Gold Coast but these new generation tyres are a sure sign that we are moving towards the tyres of the future.

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