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  • Magnets are found in a variety of shapes and sizes. The shape of the magnet reflects its magnetic strength. The magnetic strength determines the functions of the magnet. Magnets are used in a variety of functions in our daily lives. They are used in simple household items like refrigerator magnets and clocks, and also complex machines like industrial cranes, power generating motors, MRI machines in hospitals and computers.

    The magnets in Brisbane are available in host of shapes. Some of the commonly found shapes are

    • Bar magnets
    • Horse shoe magnets
    • Coiled magnets
    • Flexible magnets

    Bar magnets

    Bar magnets are the cheapest and most commonly available magnets in Brisbane that are easy to replace. These magnets are available in different sizes. The size of the magnets determines its magnetic strength. Bar magnets generally display the lowest level of magnetism in comparison with other magnets. These magnets are used as fridge magnets and as cabinet closures.

    Horseshoe magnets

    Horseshoe magnets display double the magnetic strength of bar magnets in Brisbane as both the ends of the horseshoe magnet point the same direction. Horseshoe magnets are generally used for educational purposes in school labs as they are simple to use. They are also used for the purpose of picking paper clips. Horseshoe magnets are also used in construction and engineering sectors to pick pieces of metal which are hard to reach.

    Coiled magnets

    Coiled magnets in Brisbane are some of the strongest magnets. These magnets are created by helical coil of wire and are also called as electromagnets. These magnets display magnetism when there is a flow of electricity through the wire into the magnet. The strength of the electricity determines the strength and polarity of the electromagnet. These magnets are used in automated doors and windows, hard drives, DVD players and many other complex machines.

    Flexible magnets

    Flexible magnets in Brisbane can be bent to suit the manufacturing requirement. They can be cut into different shapes and sizes. These magnets are manufactured by combining ferromagnetic compounds with plastic binders. Flexible magnets have unique characteristics and unique uses. These magnets are used in manufacturing toys, advertising signage, refrigerator magnets, window and door seals, motors, clocks and automotive parts.

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