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  • In some instances, businesses can enhance brand awareness through simple creativity. A business that wants to be remembered for its design, quality and style will use plastic card printing in Melbourne to create personalized loyalty card for their customers. Instead of the traditional paper medium, plastics can be used for long-term durability.

    In today’s world where almost everything has turned digital, the demands of consumers have become more intense than ever. Marketers must catch the attention of their target audience through creative work and by engaging with them through a meaningful way that appeals to their heart. Sometimes, the choice is between quality and volume.

    According to Cheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook, organizations do not usually move quickly enough. People are now spending more time in the internet. For a creative team, they can start with the outdoors and then print. Mobile usually becomes an afterthought. Mobile ads can grab attention in a matter of minutes and communicate the brand very quickly. Results are measured to determine whether the marketing effort is successful.

    In order to be creative, there must be a strategy. It is important to have an insight on what the customer wants and what the business can provide. One example is the recent joint marketing campaign between Airbnb and the Art Institute of Chicago. Airbnb customers want cost effective and convenient accommodations. They also want something unique that will immerse them into a different experience. In a splendid use of relevance, an Airbnb ad was constructed around the meticulous re-creation of a Van Gogh bedroom as portrayed in one of his paintings.

    Sometimes, a marketing campaign must be bold and take risks to immediately gain attention. One example is the sculpture of a very courageous young girl, with arms akimbo while staring at the famous Charging Bull statue in the middle of Wall Street. The ad immediately became an internet sensation.

    It is important for a marketing campaign to impact on the target audience. Creativity must always be consistent not only on digital campaigns but offline strategies. Businesses today have swapped the paper medium to plastics and plastic card printing in Melbourne because it can be used to promote the business effectively.

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