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  • Recently, Netflix revealed a new technology that will allow users to control the Netflix iPhone App through their eyes. There is also news about new technology that could create eye-controlled apps. According to Samsung, the company is also working on a mind-blowing eye-controlled television.

    The new Eye Nav functionality of Netflix will allow people to control the Netflix app by simply staring at it on the iPhone. The user can also do different facial expressions. Meanwhile, Project Pontis is the new technology that will be used by Samsung to make its products more accessible to persons with disabilities.

    It is indeed awesome to hear about mind-controlled electronics that could usher in a new era for technology. This is not advanced science fiction or a television coming near you in the future. Mind-controlled technology is fascinating but it requires an accurate map of the user’s brainwaves.

    The Samsung system will first collect a baseline of the user’s brain activities so that there will be a basis of comparison when the user wants to perform a specific action. In order to accomplish the first step, a user will be required to wear a headset that contains 64 brain-scan sensors that will track eye movements. Finally, the current prototype will correlate the eye movement of the user when he stares at a specific video profile on the screen. It will figure out the brain function that suggests the user’s intention based on where the eyes land.

    The technology is similar to what Netflix has developed but with a lot less effort. The Netflix technology was developed by hacking a new application for facial recognition software that is integrated into the current updated models of iPhones. Samsung says their version which was recently unveiled was just a prototype. A more advanced prototype will be introduced in the first quarter of 2019.

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