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  • It would definitely take time to adjust when you want to live inside a steel box. There is a student village in Amsterdam which is made up of 1,000 recycled shipping containers. One student moved into the steel box and initially did not like t idea but after three years of living in the steel box, he said that he has no regrets.

    He was not impressed with the containers at first and was struggling to make the decision whether to live in it or not. He started liking the idea when he visited a friend living in the steel box. After that he moved in and realized that it was a great move. He becomes comfortable in the container and likes having a lot of space for his own. The village is known as the Wenckehof remains to be the biggest development of container houses in world. It was initially built as a temporary experiment for the housing market but then proved to be very popular to students which are why it was given a permanent status by the authorities in Amsterdam in 2011. The success of the housing experiment has intrigued different housing organizations and architects into looking for various low-cost solutions to the shortages of housing in different cities are around the world.

    In Berlin, Germany, repurposed shipping containers have been in use for the accommodation of students and more recently for a shelter to asylum seekers. In London, organizations began moving young adults who are struggling to pay escalating prices of rents and are at risk of becoming homeless into the “myPad” containers. The occupants though can only stay for just a maximum of one year.

    Those who are advocating for shipping container homes say that cost savings on materials and speed of installation as well as the capacity to re-use the units in new locations make it a very good option for urban housing. With this trend of the housing sector, the painting and decorating industry as well is gaining momentum. More and more homeowners are looking to renovate and repaint their homes. Indeed, companies like Fitzhugh Decorators Northampton which you can visit at, is benefited from this promising turn of events.

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