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  • Technology is everywhere and it is slowly invading the methods of pest control in Parramatta because these new techniques are considered to be more effective and safer in comparison. This is the reason why the Brazilian government is also turning to technology to answer their pest control woes. The fact is that the agriculture of the Brazil loses roughly $55 billion annually due to pests in crops as well as diseases. The data is provided by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation or EMBRAPA.

    A company specializing in digital agriculture and headquartered in Campinas, Sao Paulo State, Agrosmart, is already trying to develop solutions with the help of technology known as IoT or Internet of Things. Agromart is making a connected application that will aid farmers in using the appropriate amount of agrochemical at a specific time in order to fight pests in a way that is cost-effective and will have lesser impact on the environment.

    Marcus Vinicius Sato, an agronomist, is the leader of the project being developed by Agrosmart. The concept is based on a group of measures that is called IPM or integrated pest management. The methods were introduced in the 1960s and it is known to improve the effectiveness as well as the efficacy of pest control by using a number of tools including chemical pesticides, synthetic pheromones, biological agents and light traps.

    Sato said that they are also making use of AI or artificial intelligence in order to identify the insects as well as quantify them. The pheromones that are incorporated in traps will attract the insects and these traps come with sensors. They are placed all over the plantation. The sensors are working with the help of an electronic system that sends data going to an internet server. This is where the images are uploaded to identify and count the number of insects. The number of insects for every square meter will determine if they are going to use agrochemicals or not.

    The farmer will then get a report regarding the data collected which is sent to their devices. This is a modern approach to pest control. This is a step forward with hopes that pest control in Parramatta and all of Australia will be as modern in the future.

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