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  • Leveraging consumer reviews in marketing is a great strategy. Whenever a new product is introduced, most consumers will do some research to ensure that it is legitimate. Consumers are more likely to trust reviews because our brains are wired to seek validation from people around us. Customers who write reviews and testimonials become the business’s sales representatives.

    Different types of testimonials

    • Standalone reviews – are simple but powerful reviews from happy customers who want to convey their point quickly and concisely to influence other people to make a purchase.
    • Peer reviews – are one of the best types of testimonials because they come from experts in the industry. Peer reviews add real credibility to a brand, product, or service.
    • Influencers – are often well-known personalities with an extensive audience reach in the industry. Reviews shared by influencers usually focus on the benefits of the product.
    • Social media reviews – are made by happy customers who want to share their positive experiences. The reviews can easily appeal to their followers particularly if responses to the reviews are reshared on the product pages.
    • Video testimonials – appeal more to viewers because they see a face and hear a voice. Reviews do not always have to be in writing; they can be in the form of video which is more engaging and appealing.

    A digital marketing agency is able to access the benefits of king kong advertising review by simply asking its clients for them. They display the customer review on the homepage to ensure that it is accessible to visitors and convert them to leads.

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