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  • Big companies in Australia are hiring Hidden Door for their team building events and it might be time for Walgreens to do the same for their upcoming tech center in Chicago. According to reports, Walgreens Boots Alliance is planning to launch a new office facility in the downtown area of Chicago. The building used to be the city’s old post office and therein will be the work space of around 1,800 new workers. The workforce will be managing the company’s technology as well as digital health sector.

    The new office has a total floor area of 200,000 square feet but it does not mean that it will take over the current headquarters of the company located in the northern suburbs of Chicago. The move was made because it is necessary for Walgreens to plan for its future in terms of expanding its markets such as the pharmacy business. The company also aims to hike the traffic in its retail stores.

    Alex Gourlay, the president of Walgreens, said that they are going to put forth more funds into the infrastructure as well as in improving the digital and technical areas of the company which are deemed to be important for their business strategy. The company wishes to transform in a way that they will be able to offer more accessibility to their customers and to improve the customer experience when they visit Walgreens.

    Gourlay added that the space will be situated inside the Old Post Office which is deemed to be an iconic building. they will use this to their advantage in attracting employees as well as retaining old ones from all over Chicago.

    Throughout the United States, Walgreens have over 235,000 employees and in itsDeerfield headquarters there are 3,200 more. For the new location in the downtown area of Chicago, the company is preparing to hire an additional 1,800 employees. The Deerfield office will relocate 1,300 of its existing employees while 500 workers will come from another office also based in Chicago. It is expected that the company will hire team-building companies the likes of Hidden Door in order to foster new ties with these new group of workers.

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