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  • Managing an ad agency isn’t just as simple as letting them do their thing and hoping everything goes right. You need to keep an eye on things and make sure things are going smoothly, making adjustment along the way.

    Set goals

    Everything starts with business goals. Make sure that your marketing campaign has a clear goal that everything will be built around, like making sure that the marketing meets a return-on-ad spend (ROAS) target and the like.

    Remember that goals need to be focused and realistic; something that can actually be worked towards while improving operations overall.

    Know your audience

    Every business is different, meaning that every business has different audiences.

    To that end, know your industry, your business, your operations, your budget, your goals, and your audience. What’s the relevance of everything before the audience? Well, simply put, all those things determine how you can reach that audience.

    Take, for example, you’re selling marketing software; know what kinds and sizes of companies it works best for, and aim for them when marketing.

    Set the media mix

    Upper funnel is for brand awareness, the middle funnel is for driving up consideration of brands, and the lower funnel, which drives transactions and revenues.

    Certain types of media work best for certain levels, especially with regard to your goals. Once you’ve decided on what kind of media (social media, blogs, etc.) will be used for which level, partition the budget and having the tactics as per needed.

    Remember analytics

    Technology and analytics back up the creativity and branding that goes into advertising and ad agencies.

    They’re there to make that all those websites and campaigns continue to click, and ensure maximum returns. It’s important that the data is measured properly, as the thing about marketing is that the market shifts, so performance varies.

    Weekly meetings help a lot with making sure that the progress is properly tracked, problems are identified and addressed and changes are made.

    Communications frequency

    Communication is key to any organization.

    For marketing, you need to make sure that the agency communicates at a frequency that allows for optimization. If, say, your budget and small and the campaign is mostly optimized and doesn’t change much, then monthly meetings are fine.

    If lots of testing and changes are happening, with a large budget, then weekly meetings are better. The more frequent the meetings, the better for changes.

    Rinse and repeat

    Remember that advertising changes regularly. That’s why marketing reports have quarters.

    Remember to re-evaluate things every quarter to make sure that your marketing campaign is up to snuff. If you want to get a good king kong marketing agency review, remember that you need to adapt.

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