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  • Technology has managed to improve the design, shape and function of modern braces. Today, braces for adults Harrisburg are the products of years of research and development. Braces ar e now individually designed to move each tooth in a specific manner with accurate amount of tip, perfect angulations and final position for each tooth.

    In the past, braces were placed on the teeth without any specific design for each tooth. The braces did not have built-in angulations or ideal positions for the teeth. Orthodontists had to place bends on the wires so that the teeth will tip or angle into the proper position. With new technology, orthodontists no longer have to bend wires.

    Sophisticated braces that are being used today include a carrier for the wire. Wire is engaged into the bracket slot while the actual slot is machined in a specific way to move the particular tooth. The wire does its job to move tooth into the perfect position due to advances in wire technology.

    Wires that are used in braces today move teeth faster and more efficiently with less discomfort. Scientists working at NASA have developed metals that can be used in space and “space wires” that are used in modern orthodontics.

    Space wires have the ability to maintain their shape no matter the crookedness of the patient’s teeth. This characteristic of not distorting or getting bent allows teeth to move consistently and efficiently over time.  The teeth are less sore because the constant force applied to the wire to move teeth is much lighter.

    The wire goes through the brackets but how do the wires stay in place? Advances in technology allow wire to be in place through a smaller thinner wire called ligature tie. As the ligature ties are tightened, the patient will feel the wire on the bracket tightening.

    Continuous research and development has provided more efficient but less comfortable braces for adults Harrisburg at a relatively lower price. Many patients have become more confident with their beautiful smiles with little to no discomfort. Braces are customized for each patient and designed to fit the teeth in a specific way.

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