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  • Technology is moving forward in an unprecedented rate. Now, consumer technology is now smarter and more user-friendly than ever, particularly around the home, with appliances and rooms, even home alarm systems in Perth, now connecting to internet and to each other in new ways.

    Of course, these new automated systems, has flaws and vulnerabilities, like any other system. They offer a lot of advantages, but they also come with their own issues. As such, for anyone looking to automate home alarm systems in Perth or anywhere else, it’s important to pay attention to security.

    So if you’re looking to have  smart home tech in your own house, here are some security tips.

    • Password protected.
      • The defaults of devices is easy to crack for hackers, which means that keeping the default security settings, information is quite easy to access. Notably, there’s a search engine for finding configurations and data on specific devices, it’s called Shodan (System Shock reference, yo), and it allows anyone, and we mean anyone to find security information on any device by simply using the right filters. If you’re going to set passwords for your devices, always follow a key tenet in password protection, one that’s been around since passwords have been around: use secure and separate passwords. If you’re worried about keeping track of so many passwords, there are apps for that.
    • How’s the Wi-Fi?
      • Wi-Fi is very useful, but it’s also one of the biggest vulnerabilities of any home’s network. Both the network and the router needs to reinforced from attacks. A good way to deal with this issue is to create a guest network, separate from the main login, and have smart devices connect to the guest network in order to stop hackers from using the more commonly used entry points to gain access.
    • Big Brother is watching.
      • Smart home products support your daily life, but they can also monitor you, collecting sensitive data. Take note of the fine print; pay attention of the privacy practices of smart device companies, and use devices that only collect the bare minimum data for use. It might seem that there’s a lot of problems with advanced security, it’s merely a couple of safeguards in order to make sure they do their jobs and preserve your security for a long time to come.

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