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  • If adequate training is provided to latin women, they can become talented and qualified to become competitive software developers. In Latin America, there are tech companies that are providing training for coding and software development including web development to women so that they can take advantage of global opportunities in the tech sector.

    In today’s world of business, software is developed at a record-breaking speed to run almost everything. However, the continuous evolution of technology is changing the way that businesses operate today. There is a race among companies on who will the first to market the best product or service without considering the implications of the systems and gadgets used on society.

    For example, YouTube and Volkswagen are technologies that were developed by companies that continue to impact society. After more than 10 years, YouTube has shaped the creation, sharing and consumption of video content. It is also difficult to imagine a world without Volkswagen cars in as much as the company has been a mainstay since the 20th century.

    However, the two companies were recently embroiled into controversies. YouTube was involved in controversial videos with conspiracy theories, partisan videos and misleading content while Volkswagen’s emission standards left a mark in society. In the mad rush to meet deadlines and sell their products, the companies forgot to consider integration and performance tests as well as security. Could people trust the innovations that helped improve the life of people all over the world?

    The mindset of CEO’s and stakeholders that put pressure on developers to be able to deliver the first in the market is the perfect example why there is a need for a code of ethics for software delivery among tech companies. When developing software, it is important to ask the right questions to understand the ramifications of the innovation. There must be broader professional standard because of the absence of international standardized code of ethics.

    Interested gentlemen from all over the world have the opportunity to meet latin women between the ages of 18 and 40 who are looking forward to a serious relationship. Latin women are known for being exotic, charismatic and attractive but they are very temperamental.

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