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  • Logistics management is a highly challenging business. Use of advanced technology helps 3 PL firms to stay ahead of competition and offer optimum logistics solutions to their clients. Advanced Technology helps logistics managers to optimize their services and operations, which in turn helps them to provide cost-effective and efficient solutions to their clients.

    Here are some of the top technologies that help companies to provide specialist logistics solutions that optimize the workflow and delivery process.

    Physical internet

    Also known as the PI, this technology helps logistics managers in physical handling, storage, movement and supply of goods. The PI technology helps logistics managers to provide sustainable global solutions with improved efficiency.

    IT standards

    Adoption of IT standards helps logistics companies in creating supply chain consistency. Different players across the globe can collaborate easily using consistent IT standards.

    Data analytics

    Data analytics is the future trend, which is going to drive logistics management. Analysing the large data volume sets helps logistics companies to understand and forecast consumer behaviour. Data analytics also helps logistics companies to identify problems in supply chain management and come up with solutions to improve the efficiency of supply chain. They can come with innovative solutions that optimize the work flow and improve the consumer experienced using data analytics.

    Cloud software

    The cloud software helps logistics companies to offer flexibility and scalability. Logistics managers can easily integrate the cloud delivered capabilities into their existing workflow model.

    Blockchain technologies

    Use of Blockchain provides a number of benefits to logistics managers. It helps in enhancing the security of the supply chain, reduction in documentation errors as all the documentation is done through software, and increased efficiencies.

    Warehouse automation

    Wafer thin margins,resource crunch and ever increasing demands of the customers have led many logistics companies to invest in warehouse automation. Automation helps logistics companies to optimize the workflow and reduce the human workforce. Most of the critical warehouse functions can be automated with optimum results. Automation also helps companies to reduce costs.

    Autonomous vehicles

    Self-driving vehicles helps companies to improve their warehousing and delivering efficiencies. Companies are looking forward to use UAVs and Drones in their delivery process to offer customised specialist logistics solutions to the clients. These autonomous vehicles helps logistics managers in surveillance and delivery.

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