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  • There are mainly two classifications, full-service or DIY, for home security systems. The former are considered by many more of a luxury than a need. It comes with an exorbitant price and a hefty amount of monthly charges, but it comes with a premium service that offers convenience and peace of mind for those who can afford it. The idea is that the entire home automation, security and alarm system is incorporated in the structure architecture, most probably designed in the planning stages of the house. Careful planning and installation are done by professionals, including electricians because the system is connected to the main electrical panel. Once fully operational, a team then remotely monitors the property and dispatches authorities appropriately in the event of burglary or fire. Note that the power for the system and the remote monitoring is 24/7, so the recurring fees include that of the electricity consumption and the remote monitoring team.

    Many people could not afford a full-service security system, but that does not mean they must be deprived of such home protection. Nowadays, it is considered essential, as a burglary is reported every 14.5 seconds and a fire is reported every 20 seconds. Heavy deadbolts and locked points of entries is no longer a hindrance for intruders and burglars as they have also evolved. The best options for ordinary citizens is a DIY for home security systems. In fact, in some cases, it is better than fully automated systems because the burglars and intruders, evolved as I have mentioned, are smart enough to decapacitate the entire system by cutting power and phone lines. That is unlikely with DIY systems because each device is standalone and is powered by batteries.

    DIY for home security systems primarily gives ease of installation, so it can be done by homeowners themselves. That immediately gets rid of installation expenses. Electricity bills from the system is also not a question as again, they run on batteries. Added advantage in this setup is that the system does not get interrupted from blown fuses, power outages or phone service outages. With a more affordable price range, you get a system that is not only convenient but is also reliable 24/7.

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