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  • Tourism, whether you admit it or not, plays a very important role in ensuring that a country’s, a city’s economy stays on a stable shape. It’s completely useless to have as many beautiful beach resorts as possible if those beach resorts don’t get filled up by vacationists especially during the peak seasons such as the summer season. It will all boil down to how the service providers from the tourism industry, and the tourism officials of a city, will work together to attract more and more tourist arrivals into their proud tourism destinations. It will all boil down to how eager you are to continue to develop and maintain new tourist attractions in your city that will make tourists, both local and foreign vacationists, to return and return to these attractions. Now, the province of Phuket in the Kingdom of Thailand, through its tourism officials, have experienced a significant increase in the number of tourist arrivals, flocking to the province. To be more specific, 51% of the total vacationists in Russia have visited Thailand. Keep in mind that the Russians have contributed hugely to the economy of Phuket, approximately 850 million US dollars. And that’s one of the reasons a family resort in Phuket is getting filled up with Russian nationals.

    According to tourism officials in Phuket, one of the primary reasons that can be attributed to the sudden upsurge of Russian vacationists arriving in Phuket is the continuous strengthening of the Russian Rubie which started rising up again earlier last year due to the skyrocketing oil prices in the global market. Also, the improving relation between the Russian government, under President Vladimir Putin, and their trade partners, both political and economic relationships, has paved way for the corresponding rise of Russia’s currency, enabling Russians to consume more. And because of this, hotels and resorts in Phuket, like a typical family resort in Phuket, observed that 80% of their visitors are mainly Russian nationals with 65% of that number are consisted of families taking their vacation together. According   to the data, Russian vacationists in Phuket are spending around 6 Baht on the average, per day and the total number of days that they are staying in Phuket is up to 11 days on the average.

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