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  • According to recent researches, majority of mobile data comes from the inside of buildings and yet customers from these areas experience weak and inconsistent cellular coverage. In many instances, there is no mobile signal which is very critical for wireless communications.

    The problem of weak cellular coverage has reached the point where real estate agents have to ensure that a high end residential condo has mobile service before units are offered to potential customers. In the world of business, lease deals are often determined by the quality of cellular coverage. Entrepreneurs understand the importance of strong cellular coverage to ensure that sales will not be lost because the client cannot connect to confirm an appointment.

    There are a number of potential solutions to weak signals like the distributed antenna system and small cells that need carrier equipment and integration partners but they require a high initial investment including maintenance and upgrading costs. Another option is mobile phone signal booster that is easy to use and works well with major domestic cellular providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular. Mobile phone signal booster provides the level of in-building connectivity that both consumers and businesses require.

    According to Curt Burkhart, director of enterprise sales for WilsonPro, their two products 70 Plus Select and 4000R are very innovative. They use XDR technology that is extended dynamic range. XDR technology allows amplifiers to continue working in environments where there is strong outside signal after competitive products have shutdown.

    70 Plus Select works well with five cellular bands with an adjustable uplink and downlink gain controls. It covers zones of up to 35k square feet and can be used ideally for buildings within 25 to 200k square feet range. 4000R is more unique because it essentially combines four boards from the Pro 70 Plus Select series into one unit.

    Your mobile phone signal problems can be easily resolved through a mobile phone signal booster. You can visit for more information on the device that will ensure perfect mobile connection. Experts are willing to help you choose the ideal mobile phone signal booster according to your requirements in the home or business.

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