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  • It is very important for access control installation company to provide every facet of a service that the customer expects from high tech storage and delivery to end-of-life reverse logistics. Door access control system is an essential part of company security and technology has made the system sophisticated to avoid manual error.

    This year, it is expected that the number of mobile users all over the world will increase to about 4.7 billion. As the number of mobile users increase, there is a need for a mobile-enabled workforce that can use their mobile devices to access buildings and public facilities. Based on the estimates of Gartner Research, 20% of organizations will be using mobile credentials to access physical spaces by 2020.

    According to Steve Van Till, President and CEO of Brivo, managing physical access control form a mobile device is easy, cost effective and convenient. Mobile devices can enhance user experience because of the ease in distributing credentials which is similar to sending emails.

    Key cards and physical keys are traditionally used to gain access to buildings; however, they can easily get lost or forgotten. Mobile devices are more secure than key cards because of encryption, bio metrics, ease of revocation and lower risks of getting lost. The thing is, people have become so attached to their mobile devices and they very rarely forget the device.

    Adding new users to the access control system is easy and can be done from anywhere. In sectors where turnover is high and in facilities where temporary workers are employed, mobile access makes it easy for the facility to remove users. Facility managers save on the time and efforts of tracking workers who failed to return their key cards or physical keys. If the key card or physical key is stolen, locks have to be changed or security standards updated.

    If you are going to hire access control installation company, make sure that the company has extensive experience in managing the task. Assets must be transported in specialized vehicles and specialist handling equipment must be used to complete delivery at the site. There must be follow-up on the services with onsite maintenance, software updates and break-fix.

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