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  • E-sports are now getting a lot more attention before and its popularity is catapulting professional players into fame they did not imagine. They are also earning a lot, maybe even more than what they will earn in a regular day job. These are the reasons why an increasing number of gamers are hiring personal tutors to assist them and help improve their game. There is no question that they can buy games for cheap but it is useless if they do not know how to play these games in a way that can be considered professional.

    One of the most popular online video games nowadays is Fortnite. There are players who are earning on the side by tutoring players on how to play the game. Lessons are provided based on the skill level of every student. These coaches share the tips and tricks they follow when playing the game. With Fortnite, the coach will teach the student how to locate loots, spot the best areas within the map and the fastest methods in constructing structures for their defense or attack.

    It might be common to hear athletes hiring coaches but the thought of a video game player hiring a coach might sound ridiculous for some. It might not seem like that if they know that e-sports tournament award the best players with millions of dollars for winning a game against professional players.

    According to a coach for video game players, the key to mastering a game is by practicing a lot. Understanding the strategies is one thing but practicing them until they become muscle memory is another matter. Just like a sports athlete, they remain under the coach’s tutelage for many years.

    With the increasing number of players who wanted to become professionals in the Fortnite scene, it comes as no surprise that Fortnite coaches are booked all week long while working between 50 and 60 hours every week including a packed weekend. Many young kids now want to learn video games and parents can buy games for cheap which is tolerated in many households, as long as the children followed a strict timeline, because it is considered as a character-building hobby.

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