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    90 percent of Shoppers will purchase online

    A survey regarding the sentiments of shoppers when purchasing items has been released. In a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, it suggested that around 56 percent of shoppers prefer to purchase online. However, in a separate survey conducted by PunchTab, it even disclosed a greater number. After doing survey from a group of 1,000 consumers, the company claim that 90 percent of those who participated plan to shop online in the holiday season.

    Accordingly, the percentage of those who plan to buy gifts and other items online varies by age group:

    • Baby boomers. In this age group, about 46 percent said that they will be shopping online.
    • Gen X. 52 percent from this category confided that they will be shopping online.
    • 58 percent coming from this age group said that they will be shopping online.

    The survey also asked the participants on what their spending plan is. About 77 percent of the participants said that they will be spending this holiday season about the same as last year or even more than last year.

    When asked to which online retailers their money will be going, this is how they responded: Amazon- 75 percent, Target- 47 percent, Walmart- 39 percent, Barnes and Noble- 29 percent, BestBuy- 27 percent, Kohl’s- 27 percent, Macy’s- 22 percent, Bed Bath and Beyond- 21 percent, Bath & Body Works- 20 percent and eBay- 19 percent.

    Out of the 1,000 surveyed participants, 62 percent revealed that they plan to shop on a Cyber Monday while 52 percent said that they will shop on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Three percent on the other hand responded that they will shop in store while 7 percent said that they will shop both online and in store.

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