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  • It is unbelievable how King Kong Sabri Suby managed to dominate the digital landscape and conquer competition within 4 years. The digital industry is one of the most competitive in the world but Sabri Suby and his team’s intense drive managed to make King Kong the fastest growing digital agency in Australia.

    If you will visit King Kong’s website, you will notice something unique. Great copy is paired with polished design. However, black text long form copy on a white background is old school. While it manages to convert some visitors, it also repels a lot of people. Web design must elicit response from consumers who are more curious, demanding and impatient.

    According to Google, there are 3 types of consumers today – the curious, demanding and impatient. Curious consumers are obsessed with research because they want their purchasing decisions to be based on information. The demanding consumer wants to encounter digital touchpoints that are tailored to their needs even if they do not verbalize the request. Impatient consumers do their research while on the go using their mobile phones.

    These consumer traits will influence their expectations on how to interact with the brand. It is therefore the responsibility of businesses to provide a smooth and seamless experience through web design. The way that navigation is structured must allow visitors to browse web pages regardless of where they started. Not all visitors start from the landing page but they should be able to locate the product or service from the page from where they are coming from.

    According to Hick’s Law, the more choices are presented to users, the longer it will take them to decide. A small number of options in the navigation menu will keep users more focused on the goal and make them decide promptly. If the navigation menu is disorganized, a visitor might lose interest on the website.

    According to King Kong Sabri Suby, copy in the landing page must not look like a spammy sales letter. Users do not want to consume copy on the landing page with yellow buttons and red circles around them pointing to everywhere. The number one rule in web design is to encourage visitors to read copy.

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