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  • Research shows that favourable reviews benefit businesses through an increase in traffic to their site, exposure to more consumers, and an increase in sales and profits. Consumers today are avid readers of reviews even if they are posted by strangers. Reviews help them make a more informed decision about a product or service.

    However, there are claims that a good proportion of reviews are fake and are written by freelance writers. Businesses are also complaining about the surge in unfair negative reviews that are supposedly written by the competitors.

    In order to weed out fake reviews, businesses must encourage their customers to use their real names and images when posting their feedback. There are also algorithms or mathematical formulas that can filter out overly positive and negative reviews and large groups of reviews that are posted for a business within a relatively short period of time.

    Most consumers would read between 5 and 10 reviews before making a purchasing decision. However, there are unreasonable comments that some customers choose to post. This practice can affect consumer’s perception of a business. Review sites usually try to identify and delete reviews that look suspicious; otherwise, the business can contact the website concerned and report the matter.

    Most of the king kong advertising reviews for a digital marketing agency are written by the company’s very own employees. Happy and satisfied employees are more than willing to share their experiences with others particularly tech talents who are searching for a job. The reviews also provide potential clients with the necessary information on how the digital agency treats its employees.

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