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  • According to Honda R&D Americas’ VP and executive engineer, ever since the founding of Honda by Soichiro Honda, its corporate vision is to use . Now the company has moved forward with a deeper reach into the industry with the introduction of autonomous vehicles and this is where they were able to emphasize their philosophy more than before. Its dealers all over the world including Wheels Honda are also one with their vision.

    Klaus was the keynote speaker during the AutoMobility LA event and he said that Honda is now taking a holistic approach when it comes to the future of the transportation industry. Everyone is considered to be road users at this point.

    He added that while Honda plans to use more innovative technology in its vehicles in order to achieve a crash-free future, it is developing other ways in order to champion safety in transportation including the infrastructure, pedestrians and the cyclists on the road.

    One proof that Honda is committed to bringing safety is company’s latest investment to GM Cruise which is General Motors autonomous car department. A total of $2.75 billion was funded to the R&D campus of the automaker which is located in Ohio. The money is intended to help the project move forward with science. On the other hand, GM Cruise is already planning to launch their driverless taxis into the U.S. roads by 2019. Klaus revealed that by 2020, Honda is already on its way to releasing autonomous technology on the 3rd level while 2025 will see the 4th level come to life.

    It was a decade and a half ago when Honda launched its connected-vehicle program through the introduction of Safety for Everyone. This is the international slogan that covers education regarding safety, technologies utilized to practice safety and telecommunications networks in order to further improve safety.

    With the launch of Honda Sensing together with AcuraWatch, dealers such as Wheels Honda are confident that their products are safe. As of writing, 1.7 million products under Acura and Honda have already been incorporated with the safety package and full deployment is expected by 2022 for all new vehicles.

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