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  • Even with frequent use and exposure to wetness and moisture, you can still extend the life of your stone sink. The maintenance and polishing required for stone basins depend on the type of material used. For instance, limestone is more porous than granite so it would require more polishing than stones that are less porous.

    Prevention and Maintenance      

    Because stone is naturally porous, it is susceptible to stains and dirt build up. In order to prevent unsightly accumulation of grime and mildew, it would be wise for you to apply proper sealing on the basin’s surface. Most stone basins available on the market are not sealed. You would still have to purchase sealant to prevent damages. The most common stone sealant is wax although you can opt for stone sealers. There is a variety of stone sealing products available in hardware stores for you to choose from.  The type of stone sealant you use would depend on the type of stone you have. For proper maintenance, stone sealers should be applied once a year.  However, even with a stone sealant on, you it would still be advisable to wax your stone basin once in every month.

    To avoid accumulation of stain on your stone basins, make sure to wipe or clean your basin every after use. The longer the stain remains on your basin, the harder it is to remove them as it will penetrate deeper into the material. Another way of maintaining your stone basin is by preventing prolonged exposure of your stone basin to water bi-products such as salt, calcium, detergents or lime.


    To clean your stone basin, use sponge or nylon brush along with a soapy wash cloth. Rinse the basin well to get rid of soap and detergent suds before thoroughly drying the surface. In order to prolong the lifespan of your stone basin, wash and clean it regularly. This will also prevent hard water deposits and grime build-up.  A stone basin is susceptible to damage due to its porous trait, unless of course you would apply proper sealant and wax the surface regularly.

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