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  • When adults are shopping for video games intended to be played by young people, there are two things they make sure is not included in the game – sexual content and violence. These two factors are such high priority even when purchasing cheap CD keys that there is one thing that is overlooked by shopping adults. To know more about the safe buying guide for video games, this article will walk you through.

    According to research, tobacco images that are exposed to viewers can have a great influence on young people to begin smoking. Tobacco remains to be the top cause of preventable death as well as diseases in the United States. Study has shown that 44 per cent of teens started smoking due to smoking images that they were able to witness in movies. The same goes when they see tobacco smoking while playing video games. Far greater is the risk when smoking is seen while they are playing video games because the experience is considered to be intense and interactive. Sadly, there are even narratives during the game that indicates how tobacco can benefit the video game players.

    This is another big factor that is often neglected by parents and adults when purchasing video games for young players. When buying video games, make sure that there is no tobacco imagery despite the rating indication that it is suitable for youth as well as teens. Past research has indicated that it is common for tobacco imagery to be included in video games developed for your people.

    In a survey conducted from 1994 to 2011, 78v video game developers were checked and 60 of them turn out to have used tobacco imagery in at least one of their video games despite these games being rated as safe for young people.

    While there are warning indicated on video games, there is no law that require developers to mention if there is tobacco use inside the game therefore making it harder for parents and adults purchasing cheap CD keys to know if there is inappropriate content they should be wary about before buying the game.

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