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  • According to YouTube it is presently taking the necessary measures to ensure that user-generated content does not end up positioning their ads by big brands next to content that is considered questionable. YouTube will no longer allow ads on channels that generate less than 10,000 views total across their posted videos.

    In an Interview with Wall Street Journal, YouTube said that the measures have been in development since November last year so that channels that steal content produced by other sources can be blocked from deriving revenue from the video platform.

    YouTube has been receiving strong reactions because of the display of advertisements from partners against videos containing racist and objectionable content. Google has responded to the growing backlash from advertising clients in UK that include Volkswagen, Tesco and the UK government itself over the extremist content on the video platform. Google has introduced additional controls so that advertisers can manage exactly where their ads will appear in YouTube.

    However, some major brands have like Coca Cola, Pepsi and Wal-Mart pulled their advertising except targeted search after the reports of Wall Street Journal regarding ads being displayed against unsavoury content. Even French media agency Havas, BBC and Royal Mail have pulled down their ads from YouTube because they thought that Google was unable to provide them with specific reassurances.

    Previously participation in YouTube advertising program was relatively easy with account owners applying to run ads next to their videos. There was very little to get into the way of being approved. YouTube has a system that automatically places ads against content through algorithmic methods.

    However, preventing the approval on a case to case basis is relatively difficult if not totally impossible. The 10,000 threshold will allow a certain process of self-selection so that obscure and offensive videos that do not generate a big audience will not be included.

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