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  • We have come a long way in technology that we can do most things at home all by ourselves with a little help from technology and machines. You can also do floor sanding in Sydney without professional help if you have the right machine at your disposable. The most recommended machine for the job is any random orbital sander that comes with a rectangular base. If you do not have one at home, you can check out the nearest home centre in your area and rent one.

    Make sure that the sander has base pads. These are rectangular in shape and connected to the bottom of the orbital sander base. This will ensure protection for the abrasive sheets. It is common for four-disk machines to have very little padding and some do not have any at all found under the disks therefore the abrasive is not flat on the floor for sanding which affects the sanding area as well as it makes the job harder and time consuming.

    Once you have the pads on position, attach the abrasive sheets. Make sure that as soon as you lower the machine and it touches the floor, it is already on and turned to the fullest speed possible. Make sure that you do not sand the floor too quickly by moving the machine too fast all over the surface. Make sure before turning off that the machine is no longer touching the floor.

    If you notice circular scratches on your floor, there are a number of reasons why it happened. First, you might have been moving the machine too fast across the wood surface. Second, the sanding pad might have been touching the floor when you turned it on or off. The circular scratches are not obvious during the sanding process but it will be visible once you are putting the finishing on the flooring surface.

    For hard to reach corners, it is best to use smaller machine known as the orbital palm sander. If you hire professionals to do the floor sanding in Sydney, they have industrial machines which are intended for professional use.

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