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  • Are you aware that you are leaving behind an electronic trail that companies use to provide better products and services? People are sharing bits and pieces of themselves from their shopping habits to their personal information when they post images, videos and messages on social media sites. However, it is extremely difficult for companies to sift through all the billions of pieces of data to gain the information desired.

    Computer systems and software have been created to sift through consumer data and provide faster insight to companies. From a company’s point of view, one of the critical aspects is time or how long it takes to gain an insight on the data that has been captured and analyzed. For example, if you are on a flight where complimentary drinks are served and the flight attendant offers you a favorite cocktail, the kind of service provided has been the product of the insights to your habits and preferences.

    Corporate customers are turning to tech companies who have bigger computer systems and sophisticated software for fast, effective and accurate data analytics. It is a fact that 170 IT companies who are competing with each other have formed a certain consortium that provides the much needed technology to speed up big data analytics. Companies are able to collaborate in open ecosystems through the OpenPowerFoundation.

    The powerful new servers that are built around the new innovation have provided the technology that include hardware accelerators like graphic processing units and field programmable gate arrays that accelerate data analytics. The results of fast data analytics allow companies better understanding of consumer data and how to use the data effectively and immediately.

    Meanwhile expect many companies like restaurants, hotels and online/offline retailers to continue on analyzing data from habits to customize and improve services. Electricians in Perth may not require software to analyze the data of their customers but it is important to be very vigilant about their habits and preferences in order to provide better services. In today’s digital world, it is also critical for electricians to have their websites because more and more people are transferring their search online.

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