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  • Looking back at the days when power lines were just starting to appear at the roads and streets of Indiana, the electrical technology has evolved in so many ways since then. In the early days of electricity, it was not imagined and even envisioned by majority of the consumers that electricity will have such a big impact in people’s lives. Nowadays, electricity is helping us love our day to day lives by powering up our daily machines such as LCD televisions, air conditioning system and computers, among many others.

    According to the CEO of IEC or Indiana Electric Cooperatives, Rick Coons, along with the changes in electrical technology, electrical safety has evolved over time as well. Practices that were commonly exercised decades ago are now considered in the present time. The major reason for this evolution is because electrical technology has also changed and improved. Another reason is that humans now have a better knowledge of how electricity really works.

    Let us just look at the changes in terms of home wiring. Coons shared that in the very beginning of IEC wherein they are just starting to connect homes with wires the company uses ceramic knobs as well as tubes because these are then considered safe. Connections are just left exposed and there proper grounding was not practiced. Nowadays, no one will dare to wire a home in such manner.

    People who knew about this practice and got used to them are not aware of the danger they pose. Coons added that majority of improvements that concern home wiring and the electrical safety it entails were made because of the existence of the problems that were present in the wiring styles of the early days. It was in 1894 when Underwriters Laboratories was developed by insurance industry in order to create a standard practice when handling electricity and the decrease the risk of fire. Three years later, the national electrical code was the first to be adopted by the public.

    Electricity is evolving to be safer and safer as the years pass by. These codes are used as a guide by Gold Coast Electricians to make sure that the old fashioned way will no longer be practiced for the safety of homeowners.

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