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  • Business, marketing, Security, Service, Tips Comments Off on The Advantages Of Tracking Your Truck

    In today’s world, technology has become man’s best friend. Slowly but surely, technology has integrated into our lives and made it more convenient. If you look around you, everything has a touch of technology. The trucking business is no different. With technology, a trucking company can track their drivers and shipments and thus, streamline and optimize delivery methods.  

    Real-time Reports

    With a tracker, a company can receive real-time updates and reports on the whereabouts of the truck. Truck tracking devices can determine the exact location of the truck and driver, the direction and speed of travel, the status of the delivery, and etc. This allows the fleet managers and the drivers to have constant communication. Moreover, it allows the company to constantly monitor cargo, especially sensitive and expensive ones.

    Lesser Miles

    In a trucking company, one of the biggest costs would be fuel. We all know that more miles and/or heavier traffic would result in more gasoline use. Most truck tracking devices can help reduce fuel by providing optimized routing. This means that the device is smart enough to know the real-time traffic situation and thus, create a different path to avoid all that. With this, drivers drive lesser miles while ensuring a fast delivery and happy customer. Remember, nothing matters more than a satisfied client.

    Swiper no swiping

    In Canada, cargo theft has steadily been increasing. According to the National Cargo Theft Reporting Program, the first half of 2018 saw cargo thefts of C$27 million while 2017 had cargo thefts worth C$46.2 million. Truck tracking devices have stepped in to help solve this problem. Truck tracking monitors are now equipped with sensors that warn drivers whenever they are travelling in theft-prone areas. A device like FieldLogix can even alert drivers and fleet managers on towing and after-hours driving. Some devices can even track stolen trucks and cargo.

    Happy drivers, happy truck

    A majority of truck tracking gadgets also monitors the status of both the drivers and the trucks. These devices provide speeding notifications based on the location and monitor the driver’s compliance. Some even give reports on the driver’s driving trends and speeds. With this, companies can keep an eye on their drivers’ behaviors and thus, reprimand and reform dangerous driving practices.

    Aside from the driver, tracking equipment also ensures that the truck is in good shape. Smart trackers monitor the engine’s health and status and alert the driver whenever a part needs fixing. Moreover, some devices also notify the driver of the truck’s maintenance schedule. This can help companies reduce their costs on vehicle repair as there is constant surveillance.

    With the benefits listed above, a tracking device is definitely a lucrative investment. Real-time reports and updates can surely help a trucking company monitor and oversee the condition of their trucks, cargo and drivers. This constant checking can help them improve their system by consistently removing the chinks in their armor. Technology has definitely helped trucking companies provide a faster, more competent and reliable service to their customers.

  • Mosquitoe, Pest Control, Service, Tips Comments Off on Study Reveals That Mosquitoes Carrying Zika Virus Are Resistant To Pyrethroids

    There are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes all over the world and more than 300 can be found in Australia. In order to protect a person from the diseases that are carried by mosquitoes, people purchase insect repellents or mosquito nets.A very good option is Mozzie band in Australia, a silicon-based wristband that keeps away mosquitoes, sand flies, midges and insects.

    According to a new study made by scientists of the US Department of Agriculture, mosquitoes that carry Zika virus and other diseases are resistant to pyrethroids, a common group of insecticides that are used to treat them. The mosquito Aedesaegyptiis known as a carrier of dengue, Zika virus and yellow fever.

    According to James Becnel, an entomologist of Mosquito and Fly Research Unit of USDA, Aedesaegypti was the reason for the limited Florida outbreaks of dengue in 2009 and 2010. When there are health emergencies, different strategies are used t control mosquitoes like the application of a pesticide sprays through trucks or aircraft. However, it is important to understand the magnitude of insecticide resistance before an effective control program can be undertaken.

    A first statewide study was made by a collaborative group from the USDA-ARS, Navy Entomology Center of Excellence, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and Florida mosquito control districts. They measured the scope of pyrethroid insect resistance of Ae. Aegyptiand Aedesalbopictus. These are other species of mosquitoes carrying the chikungunya virus. Resistance to pyrethroid insecticides in many locations all over the world can have a negative on mosquito control operations.

    The 4-year study that was published in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases revealed that resistance to permethrin, an insecticide in the pyrethroid family was present in the 20 strains of Aedesaegypti collected all over the state. In order to effectively control the resistant populations, 60 times above the susceptible levels of permethrin doses must be used.

    Mosquitoes are present outdoors and it is important to wear Mozzie band in Australia to enjoy a summer picnic or family camping. The wristband is natural, non-toxic and DEET-free. It is safe to use and effective up to 48 hours.

  • Business, Event, Service, Tips Comments Off on Customized Apps And 5G To Make Event Planning More Efficient

    One of the objectives of event planners is to generate awareness for the brands that will participate in an outdoor event. The attention of the attendees can be easily gained through temporary vinyl branding that can be customized by marquee tent hire on the Gold Coast specifically for the event. The vinyl branding will be designed by professional graphics team and printed in high resolution to advertise the brand.

    Apps have become integral to everyday functions particularly for the events sector. One of the more established technology trends that can benefit event planners is branded apps that allow them unlimited interaction with consumers through their mobile phones.

    Since apps can be customized for specific requirements, it would appear that they were created for the event to personalize and enhance the attendees’ experience. Event planners can engage with attendees on different levels before, during and after the event. The customized apps will allow reservation of tickets to personalization of the event agenda, survey of attendees, polling the crowd in real time and connecting to the attendees.

    Another example of technology for event planners is 5G. There are many instances when Wi-Fi speed and reliability at large scale events become a big concern. With 5G connectivity issues are solved. It also eliminates the limitations the event planners face in the process of sourcing venues. With high-speed internet, event planners have a technology tool in their pockets to think outside of the box.

    4G is now being used by the world and 5G will soon be introduced in major metropolitan cities. This means that for a certain period of time, the playing field will not be even. Some hotels in big cities that offer venues for events will have the advantage over the event venues in mid-size cities in gaining traction to world events.

    Meanwhile, if you want to glam up the luxury event, your best option is marquee tent hire on the Gold Coast that offers beautiful, luxury structures. The marquee flooring is made from sturdy plywood that can handle the most demanding use. There is a wide range of furniture offered to suit the event perfectly.

  • Business, Home Improvement, Service, Tips Comments Off on Robot Built To Hang Plaster Walls

    Japan is known for their state-of-the-art inventions especially in the field of robotics. Their latest achievement is a robot that is designed by a team of researchers for the sole purpose of hanging plaster walls. This is not the time for plasterers in Sydney to worry yet because while the robot works, its capacity is very limited.

    The news of a new robot developed came as good news for Japan after Honda made an announcement last June that it is no longer pushing through with its plan to develop the Asimo humanoid.

    Thanks to the team of researchers working under the Advanced Industrial Science and Technology or AIST, they decided to pick up the challenge and continue working in order to create the HRP-5P.

    The robot plasterer works by getting a sheet of plaster from a pile placed at one side of the room where it is working. Then, the robot plasterer walks to the place where the plaster is supposed to be hanged and then puts it into the correct position.

    This is not the only robot in the construction industry. The first one was Hadrian X which was a bricklayer that could lay a maximum of 1,000 bricks every hour as it works on a single structure. The second robot was the AutoSaw which was designed to cut as well as carry timbers which are to be used for walls. The most recent is the HRP-5P which was designed to carry out tasks for the interior.

    AIST revealed that the main reason why they developed HRP-5P is to make it carry out tasks that are dangerous without human intervention. The robot is 182 cm in height and the weight is 101 kilograms. It has the capacity to carry objects that are as big as tatami. It makes use of object recognition as well as environment measurement technology to place the plasters in the correct position.

    According to AIST, they created the robot with the partnership of a number of private companies such as Kawada Robotics. The technology is still at the beginning stages and plasterers in Sydney will still be required for harder tasks which cannot be accomplished by the robot.

  • Floor, Home Improvement, Service, Tiles, Tips Comments Off on Get The Most Out Of A Floor Sander With These Tips

    We have come a long way in technology that we can do most things at home all by ourselves with a little help from technology and machines. You can also do floor sanding in Sydney without professional help if you have the right machine at your disposable. The most recommended machine for the job is any random orbital sander that comes with a rectangular base. If you do not have one at home, you can check out the nearest home centre in your area and rent one.

    Make sure that the sander has base pads. These are rectangular in shape and connected to the bottom of the orbital sander base. This will ensure protection for the abrasive sheets. It is common for four-disk machines to have very little padding and some do not have any at all found under the disks therefore the abrasive is not flat on the floor for sanding which affects the sanding area as well as it makes the job harder and time consuming.

    Once you have the pads on position, attach the abrasive sheets. Make sure that as soon as you lower the machine and it touches the floor, it is already on and turned to the fullest speed possible. Make sure that you do not sand the floor too quickly by moving the machine too fast all over the surface. Make sure before turning off that the machine is no longer touching the floor.

    If you notice circular scratches on your floor, there are a number of reasons why it happened. First, you might have been moving the machine too fast across the wood surface. Second, the sanding pad might have been touching the floor when you turned it on or off. The circular scratches are not obvious during the sanding process but it will be visible once you are putting the finishing on the flooring surface.

    For hard to reach corners, it is best to use smaller machine known as the orbital palm sander. If you hire professionals to do the floor sanding in Sydney, they have industrial machines which are intended for professional use.

  • Boiler Repair, Service, Tech, Tips Comments Off on About Boiler Repairs In Doncaster

    Boilers are essential parts of a steam system. The operation of a safe boiler is crucial for the total safety of the work environment. With the evolution of technology, maintenance of boiler safety is much easier than before. A reliable safety management scheme is a basic aspect of achieving safe boilers for the security of the workplace and the nearby personnel.

    If your heating system is broken, you must never try to fix the boiler by yourself. It is essential to seek the services of boiler repairs in Doncaster that have the expertise to do the job. We have competent and registered engineers to work on the repairs of your broken boilers. They can identify the dangers that go with the repair of a gas boiler and are well-trained to handle the problems that may arise during the repair process. Furthermore, hiring an engineer who is not registered will invalidate the warranty of your boiler, thus it is always advisable to do it in a safe way.

    Years of service in the industry

    A reputable boiler repairs in Doncaster that has been in the industry for a considerable period of time is indicative of a good reputation and competence for its service. For this reason, they have solid and loyal customers who are satisfied with their services. Businesses that do not have good customer service rarely last.


    Cost consideration is always a factor in choosing a company. Having at least three quotations as possible is beneficial for you to compare the prices among them especially that price for boiler repairs greatly fluctuates.


    A reliable manufacturer partner is part of the business. Having a reputable service provider can give the best support for the repairs of boilers.

    Customer Support

    It is essential to choose a company that has good customer support and care. Customers have varied personalities and needs, thus, it is a must that service personnel must understand the customers.

    Competency of personnel

    Hiring the services of a company with competent and qualified personnel is a must to attain a safe and reliable repair work.

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