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  • E-Commerce Comments Off on How Web Design Converts Visitors To Customers

    It is unbelievable how King Kong Sabri Suby managed to dominate the digital landscape and conquer competition within 4 years. The digital industry is one of the most competitive in the world but Sabri Suby and his team’s intense drive managed to make King Kong the fastest growing digital agency in Australia.

    If you will visit King Kong’s website, you will notice something unique. Great copy is paired with polished design. However, black text long form copy on a white background is old school. While it manages to convert some visitors, it also repels a lot of people. Web design must elicit response from consumers who are more curious, demanding and impatient.

    According to Google, there are 3 types of consumers today – the curious, demanding and impatient. Curious consumers are obsessed with research because they want their purchasing decisions to be based on information. The demanding consumer wants to encounter digital touchpoints that are tailored to their needs even if they do not verbalize the request. Impatient consumers do their research while on the go using their mobile phones.

    These consumer traits will influence their expectations on how to interact with the brand. It is therefore the responsibility of businesses to provide a smooth and seamless experience through web design. The way that navigation is structured must allow visitors to browse web pages regardless of where they started. Not all visitors start from the landing page but they should be able to locate the product or service from the page from where they are coming from.

    According to Hick’s Law, the more choices are presented to users, the longer it will take them to decide. A small number of options in the navigation menu will keep users more focused on the goal and make them decide promptly. If the navigation menu is disorganized, a visitor might lose interest on the website.

    According to King Kong Sabri Suby, copy in the landing page must not look like a spammy sales letter. Users do not want to consume copy on the landing page with yellow buttons and red circles around them pointing to everywhere. The number one rule in web design is to encourage visitors to read copy.

  • E-Commerce Comments Off on The Fascinating Mind-Controlled Electronics For The Near Future

    Recently, Netflix revealed a new technology that will allow users to control the Netflix iPhone App through their eyes. There is also news about new technology that could create eye-controlled apps. According to Samsung, the company is also working on a mind-blowing eye-controlled television.

    The new Eye Nav functionality of Netflix will allow people to control the Netflix app by simply staring at it on the iPhone. The user can also do different facial expressions. Meanwhile, Project Pontis is the new technology that will be used by Samsung to make its products more accessible to persons with disabilities.

    It is indeed awesome to hear about mind-controlled electronics that could usher in a new era for technology. This is not advanced science fiction or a television coming near you in the future. Mind-controlled technology is fascinating but it requires an accurate map of the user’s brainwaves.

    The Samsung system will first collect a baseline of the user’s brain activities so that there will be a basis of comparison when the user wants to perform a specific action. In order to accomplish the first step, a user will be required to wear a headset that contains 64 brain-scan sensors that will track eye movements. Finally, the current prototype will correlate the eye movement of the user when he stares at a specific video profile on the screen. It will figure out the brain function that suggests the user’s intention based on where the eyes land.

    The technology is similar to what Netflix has developed but with a lot less effort. The Netflix technology was developed by hacking a new application for facial recognition software that is integrated into the current updated models of iPhones. Samsung says their version which was recently unveiled was just a prototype. A more advanced prototype will be introduced in the first quarter of 2019.

    That’s enough of the mind blowing technologies. Let us proceed to party hire in Sydney that will be in high demand during the holiday season. Even if it is cold outdoors, parties can still held by using a marquee. To create a warm and cosy atmosphere, hosts can hire a heater that can provide heat to a wide area.

  • Business, E-Commerce, Mobile, Service, Tips Comments Off on Work spaces Soon To Have Video And Voice Features

    The future is workplaces are looking good. Once could expect technology to play a big role in these changes including the office furniture in Auckland sold for companies and businesses. There will come a time that when the devices inside the office will be synced to those of the employees. Such that when they enter, the tablet for office use displayed on the hallway will be notified of one’s arrival therefore recording the status to available upon confirmation through the employer’s smartphone.


    The computer can be set to always feature the latest news upon arrival while the digital calendar shows the schedule of an individual while on ideal mode but can be used for video conferencing purposes. The desk will then be a part of this digital setup by being connected to the user’s smartwatch thereby monitoring the heartbeat. This will know if the chair has to be adjusted in order to adapt with the need of the body’s muscles.


    With the changes brought by smart office, it can help employees have a seamless day at work thereby benefiting the organization as a whole. It comes as no surprise that many companies and offices are slowly adapting these new work spaces.


    With smart office furniture and technology employed by Internet of Things, anything that the employee is using on a daily basis while inside the workplace, as long as it can be reached through the internet can be controlled and communicated with. This is the same technology adapted by smart appliances such as smart speakers that can control a home’s lighting system and washing machines that automatically sends an order when the laundry detergent is running out.


    The only difference is that smart office furniture focuses more on the function such as scheduling a meeting automatically without the user reading their emails and adjusts the room by learning the preference or pattern created by the individual. Everything should operate smoothly while working in the background. With the innovation of technology, it is now possible for companies and businesses to purchase office furniture in Auckland that resembles the quality of a smart desk.


  • Bike, Business, E-Commerce, Home Improvements, News, Service, Tech, Tips Comments Off on Smoother Car Rides With High-tech Suspension Systems

    If you are living within the United States then you know how majority of the roads are in bad shape. There are now potholes here and there because the budget that was intended for infrastructure was not used for the intended purpose. According to the data released by the AAA, drivers within the country are spending around $3 billion annually in order to have their cars repaired from problems caused by rough roads. Even the best suspension systems in the market have nothing against these roads.

    A plan is already in the way as announced by President Trump. The government will set aside a budget worth $200 billion for the improvement of the infrastructure in the country which will cover byways, freeways and highways. The problem is that the plan might only deal with big cities and small cities will have to still endure the rough roads.

    There is another solution on the horizon which is presented from the technical side – a smart suspension system. This will help cars to have a smoother ride regardless of the potholes it goes over. It can also deal with other rough surfaces including broken concrete, speed bumps, expansion joints on bridges and cobblestones.

    According to ClearMotion which is a spinoff company under MIT which is based in Boston, they are already on the process of creating a proactive suspension system. They said that this new suspension will be a notch better compared to active suspension that is installed on high-end vehicles. Active suspension systems employ electromagnetic fluids or hydraulics in order to make the ride smoother. The suspension system being developed by ClearMotion, on the other hand, will utilize small actuators that will help lift the wheels when there are bumps. In simple illustration, old suspension systems are defensive but the smart suspension system is offensive.

    The founder of Clear Motion who is also the CEO, Shakeel Avadhany, said that they are using digital technology to tackle problems with the road. The driver will be aided by a number of software connected to suspension systems while travelling on the road. Every wheel will be installed with accelerometers to act as sensors during impact so that the wheel can move according to the need of the vehicle.

  • Business, E-Commerce, Marketplace Comments Off on Increased Numbers Of Shoppers Online

    Website design company Perth is here for the long haul. More people have increasingly become interested in engaging in online transactions rather than going physically to stores. This particular trend introduced in the 21st century has caused the boom in the web design services industry as more businesses are launching websites online.

    90 percent of Shoppers will purchase online

    A survey regarding the sentiments of shoppers when purchasing items has been released. In a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, it suggested that around 56 percent of shoppers prefer to purchase online. However, in a separate survey conducted by PunchTab, it even disclosed a greater number. After doing survey from a group of 1,000 consumers, the company claim that 90 percent of those who participated plan to shop online in the holiday season.

    Accordingly, the percentage of those who plan to buy gifts and other items online varies by age group:

    • Baby boomers. In this age group, about 46 percent said that they will be shopping online.
    • Gen X. 52 percent from this category confided that they will be shopping online.
    • 58 percent coming from this age group said that they will be shopping online.

    The survey also asked the participants on what their spending plan is. About 77 percent of the participants said that they will be spending this holiday season about the same as last year or even more than last year.

    When asked to which online retailers their money will be going, this is how they responded: Amazon- 75 percent, Target- 47 percent, Walmart- 39 percent, Barnes and Noble- 29 percent, BestBuy- 27 percent, Kohl’s- 27 percent, Macy’s- 22 percent, Bed Bath and Beyond- 21 percent, Bath & Body Works- 20 percent and eBay- 19 percent.

    Out of the 1,000 surveyed participants, 62 percent revealed that they plan to shop on a Cyber Monday while 52 percent said that they will shop on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Three percent on the other hand responded that they will shop in store while 7 percent said that they will shop both online and in store.