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  • Business, Dev & Design, News, Tech Comments Off on Lead Generation Tips For Online Brokers

    To be able to generate leads is essential in the real estate business and it contributes greatly in the success of the company. In order to do this, you must have the right marketing tools to be used for real estate and it must be utilized properly. The problem is that words are easier to accomplish than action. Online lead generation can be a challenge for many brokers because of affiliate sites as well as competitions in the industry.

    If you are aiming for success in online lead generations, you must be able to create a balance between a strong presence online and using the right tools in real estate marketing. Here are some top tips from expert real estate brokers and how they succeed in online lead generation.

    • Generating leads means giving value. In this age, it is important that real estate should be paired with digital marketing. If you have already accomplished a website for your brokerage firm, that is only the first step since leads will not be coming to you voluntarily. If you want to get more leads, your website content must be high quality and it must be optimized for search engine ranking.
    • There are many marketing tools that can be used online but one of the recommended ones for real estate is using video content. YouTube currently ranks as the second top search engine online. To create a more visible presence, posting a video online will be helpful. Do not upload just any video but it must have quality content as well as. Strategize the videos you will be posting. It could be a 30-second video regarding your real estate firm or a neighborhood of properties you are managing.
    • One of the most important tools you will be utilizing is remarketing. Getting a lot of traffic in your site does not mean you job stops there. To generate leads is only the first step. The next would be to stay in the mind of the consumers. This is where remarketing comes in. This means placing a cookie on the user’s computer thus advertisements from your firm will appear even after they have exited the website.


  • Business, Dev & Design Comments Off on 6 Sink Ideas For Your Small Bathroom

    If you fear that there is nothing more you can do about your small bathroom and if you think that think that the small space in your bathroom is limiting you from the things you can do to beautify and enhance your bathroom, you are mistaken. There is actually a lot you can do even with just a small space and in fact, you could even carve out more space in your bathrooms. The secret is with the bathroom sinks. This is one area you can find crucial extra inches. So don’t you feel discouraged just yet. Here are a couple of sink ideas that you can use for your small bathroom.

    1. Wall-Mounted Sink. This sink was common in small bathrooms during the 40s and 50s and is characterized by the fact that the sink’s washbowl and pipes are directly attached to the wall. Because of this, there will be a couple of space freed beneath the sink. Wall-mounted sinks are perfect for small bathrooms with a vintage or retro style. Another benefit you can get from this type of sink is that you’ll be able to choose the level where it is attached to the wall.
    2. Pedestal Sink. Pedestal sinks have been popular for over a century. One would definitely admire its good looks and especially how cleverly it had concealed its plumbing. The thing about pedestal sinks is that the basin is also attached to the wall but there is a pedestal resting on the floor to hide the plumbing. While this may be a little complicated to achieve, pedestal sinks provide function and beauty to a room. What’s more is that they are perfect for even the smallest of bathrooms.
    3. Scaled Down Vanity. If you would like to install beautiful double basin vanity units but is unable to do so because of the space, why not try a scaled-down vanity unit that can provide you with enhance function and appearance to your bathroom.
    4. Elongated Sink. You can also go for a skinny trough sink with double faucets if you have a long and narrow bathroom. It can provide your bathroom a feeling of either modernity or vintage while giving charm to your bathroom.
  • Dev & Design Comments Off on Measuring The Success Of Your Website

    If you are starting out your business, it is important that you set your goals and objectives and have a business plan in hand. One of the things that you have to consider is in how to reach your market and one of the effective ways in doing this is through creating your own website. You should also be able to measure that success of your website and one of ways in order to measure how successful your website will be is that you need to define your goals first.

    In order for you to define clearly your goals, you need to ask yourself what you want your website to achieve. When you have answered this question, building your website can be made much easier and then you can decide on the metrics that you will use in measuring the success of your website. Here are some goal examples for websites”

    • To sell your services of products online.
    • To showcase your products and create new businesses.
    • To give more information and consequently communicate legitimacy on your offline business.

    Conversion metrics

    Most websites have a goal of getting their visitors to take action, whether it is to purchase products or give the company a call. Most websites incorporate call to action buttons in order to push customers to take action. These buttons will differ depending on where the user is purchasing but will ultimately lead the user to take corresponding action. A conversion takes place when the customer clicks the buy button. Examples of conversions that you need to track are as follows: a purchase or sale, a phone call, a form completed or leads a sign up to an appointment or service and information downloaded.

    Engagement metrics

    If it is the goal of your website to provide information and communicate the legitimacy of your company, they the success indicator should be concerned more with how the users are engaged with the content in your website.

    You can also ask the professionals to help you in gauging how well your business is doing. You can seek the help of

  • Dev & Design Comments Off on Are Maps Really Difficult to Create?

    If you have worked with maps before whether that may be conventional or digital, you will know that mapping is not always that easy. Why do professional creators of map have a difficulty of making maps of different places? Typically, it is much easier to describe a trip that you make than it is to draw a map. Most people have this perception that a map needs to look like something and are therefore afraid to create their own maps thinking that it might be very silly compared to the other standard maps.

    Personal maps

    Usually an element of personal knowledge compared to a general knowledge about a place is what can make a very useful map and a powerful one. When you run out of words to describe a certain location which is not general knowledge, a map can picture it out for you. Maps are usually used in order to supplement a verbal description of a place but since you need to create a map which involves drawing a perspective from your mind, it can be very intimidating to do. The lack of ownership as well as intimidation of ownership over maps will create an interesting dilemma. In your minds, you might think that maps are made by professionals who have high knowledge regarding a certain place. What do these professionals lack? They mostly will just show the general or common information and it often lacks personal information which would make the map more interesting or useful to you.

    Technological barriers

    Creating maps with the use of digital technology is not anymore a new topic. Since the time that computers were created and could create graphic elements of different locations in the earth, people have been creating maps with the use of these technological interventions. Map illustrations are really helpful when you are locating for a place that you do not know what it looks like. The different sophisticated graphic techniques used on personal computers will allow you to create your very own high quality maps. It might seem difficult at first when working with software and programs that you are not familiar with but then eventually you will get the grip of it.

  • Many people are attached to their mobile phones that researchers are trying to figure out a connection that can tell about health and mood. In fact, a phone may be able to tell whether its owner is depressed and this seems to be better that self-assessment. This is a new study that was published in Journal of Medical Internet Research.

    According to David Mohr one of the authors of the study and director of the Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, the more that people spend with their phones, the more likely that they will become depressed. Researchers also found out that spending lots of time at home is linked to depression and phone data could predict with 87% accuracy if someone has symptoms of depression.

    28 people ranging from 19 to 58 years old were recruited by Northwestern researchers from Craigslist and integrated location and usage monitoring software on their smartphones. At the start of the study, the subjects took a standardized questionnaire that measured depressive symptoms and the results revealed that ½ has symptoms of depression while the other half did not have any. For two weeks, the phones tracked the GPS location information every five minutes and pinged the users with questions regarding their mood several times a day.

    The phone data that were collected by the researchers were rich and it included information like the places the participants visited each day, the amount of time they spent in the places visited and how often they used their phones. The researches collated the data with the depression test scores. One of the things that researchers found out is people do not answer questions. They may respond for a few days and then get tired of it.

    People who tend to spend more time in just one or two places are more likely to have high depression scores. People who stuck to a regular pattern of movement tend to be less depressed. The data that was derived from the phones were very useful in tracking depression without the need for the user to report what he is feeling. This is usually the barrier to depression treatment.

  • Technology has become an important part of daily life. People who make software are the new celebrities and rock stars who are forging the path ahead for modern web. The first generation of computer scientists who developed the internet came from the academia but today, there is a new wave of programmers who do tons of work behind the scenes to make the internet safe, secure and lot more fun.

    1. Online she is “ladyada” but she is actually NYC-based MIT graduate Limor Fried who develops software and hardware for electronic products and projects all over the whole world. In 2013, Fried told Newsweek in an interview that the company has received $22 million in revenue.
    2. Facebook bought Oculus for $2 billion. The founder of Oculus VR is 22 year old Paler Luckey who will be lucky if virtual reality takes off like Facebook.
    3. Depression Quest is an award-winning game that was developed by Zoe Quinn but after being the target of an online harassment campaign, Zoe and partner Alex Lifschitz started on Crash Override which is an anti-online hate mob task force that builds software and tools to stop online harassment.
    4. Another victim of online harassment is Brianna Wu who is the co-founder of games studio Giant Spacekat that made the game Revolution for iOS. After experiencing online harassment, Wu became an outspoken advocate for equality in technology-related fields.
    5. Mitchell Hashimoto is a 26-year old co-founder of HashiCorp that develops programmer productivity software for customers that include BBC, Mozilla, Nokia and Yammer.
    6. Parisa Tabriz is 31 years old and holds the title of Google Security Princess meaning that she is the tech giant’s hacker in residence to figure out flaws in software.
    7. Sara Haider is an Android engineer at Twitter-owned Periscope and is best known for leading Twitter’s Android app.
    8. Rob Pike is co-developer of Go, a programming language that is trying to solve Google-esque problems at a huge scale.
    9. Pinterest’s Tracy Chou is building a reputation as a fast-riser in Silicon Valley development scene.
    10. Julia Wallin at 22 years old has done significant development work for NASA, Google and New York’s Guggenheim Museum.