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  • Apps & Software, Business, Service, Tech, Tips Comments Off on Mastering Fortnite With A Video Game Coach

    E-sports are now getting a lot more attention before and its popularity is catapulting professional players into fame they did not imagine. They are also earning a lot, maybe even more than what they will earn in a regular day job. These are the reasons why an increasing number of gamers are hiring personal tutors to assist them and help improve their game. There is no question that they can buy games for cheap but it is useless if they do not know how to play these games in a way that can be considered professional.

    One of the most popular online video games nowadays is Fortnite. There are players who are earning on the side by tutoring players on how to play the game. Lessons are provided based on the skill level of every student. These coaches share the tips and tricks they follow when playing the game. With Fortnite, the coach will teach the student how to locate loots, spot the best areas within the map and the fastest methods in constructing structures for their defense or attack.

    It might be common to hear athletes hiring coaches but the thought of a video game player hiring a coach might sound ridiculous for some. It might not seem like that if they know that e-sports tournament award the best players with millions of dollars for winning a game against professional players.

    According to a coach for video game players, the key to mastering a game is by practicing a lot. Understanding the strategies is one thing but practicing them until they become muscle memory is another matter. Just like a sports athlete, they remain under the coach’s tutelage for many years.

    With the increasing number of players who wanted to become professionals in the Fortnite scene, it comes as no surprise that Fortnite coaches are booked all week long while working between 50 and 60 hours every week including a packed weekend. Many young kids now want to learn video games and parents can buy games for cheap which is tolerated in many households, as long as the children followed a strict timeline, because it is considered as a character-building hobby.

  • Apps & Software, News Comments Off on Is Worldwide Access for BBC iPlayer Possible?

    Streaming shows on the Internet are now one of the main venues to catchup with favorite TV shows and recent news. It has been so popular that people are now expecting that they can access anything and everything over the internet, however, there might be a few disappointments along the way in some regions and some countries. The shows from the UK may not be able to be accessed by people around the world and even in Ireland. Similar to that there might also be some shows in Ireland that may not be allowed to be streamed in the UK and other parts of the world. There are some limitations and restrictions in place in different places that may hinder the freedom of accessing content from different websites.

    Let us take BBC as an example. BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation, is the first and largest network for broadcasting around the world. They mostly focus on global and local news and have been translated into other languages to be able to reach worldwide broadcast. They are publicly funded since 1922 and has been grossing billions each year. It is then no wonder that they are able to create their own streaming service for viewers to catch-up on their favorite shows, the BBC iPlayer. This service, however, is only available to residents of the UK and has a license fee when used. Despite this restriction, it has been noted that there are a lot of people worldwide that are able to access the BBC iPlayer as seen by research results showing that this has a global audience given the popularity of their shows.

    Even near to their home location, Ireland is also one of the of those affected by these restrictions. BBC iPlayer in Ireland cannot be accessed by normal means as they have imposed fees to pay as the licensing rule is applied to the country as well. Aside from that, again the BBC iPlayer is restricted geographically as it is funded by the UK fees. People wanting to watch BBC shows while in Ireland need to think of other alternative ways to access its content. This led some to think of other ways to do so and most common idea is to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network and a proxy server. There are a number of tips and tricks that are now shared over the internet on how to bypass these restrictions and the steps to do so and people can now access BBC iPlayer in Ireland is now open to Irish residents.

  • Apps & Software, Business Comments Off on How Google Responded To The Backlash Received By YouTube

    According to YouTube it is presently taking the necessary measures to ensure that user-generated content does not end up positioning their ads by big brands next to content that is considered questionable. YouTube will no longer allow ads on channels that generate less than 10,000 views total across their posted videos.

    In an Interview with Wall Street Journal, YouTube said that the measures have been in development since November last year so that channels that steal content produced by other sources can be blocked from deriving revenue from the video platform.

    YouTube has been receiving strong reactions because of the display of advertisements from partners against videos containing racist and objectionable content. Google has responded to the growing backlash from advertising clients in UK that include Volkswagen, Tesco and the UK government itself over the extremist content on the video platform. Google has introduced additional controls so that advertisers can manage exactly where their ads will appear in YouTube.

    However, some major brands have like Coca Cola, Pepsi and Wal-Mart pulled their advertising except targeted search after the reports of Wall Street Journal regarding ads being displayed against unsavoury content. Even French media agency Havas, BBC and Royal Mail have pulled down their ads from YouTube because they thought that Google was unable to provide them with specific reassurances.

    Previously participation in YouTube advertising program was relatively easy with account owners applying to run ads next to their videos. There was very little to get into the way of being approved. YouTube has a system that automatically places ads against content through algorithmic methods.

    However, preventing the approval on a case to case basis is relatively difficult if not totally impossible. The 10,000 threshold will allow a certain process of self-selection so that obscure and offensive videos that do not generate a big audience will not be included.

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  • Apps & Software, Business Comments Off on Bring Your Notebook Everywhere

    You want all your data filed in a place that is readily available and accessible? Are you tired of jumping from one file to another while doing a report? Do you want to share your notes to peers without having to print them out or sending huge attachments using your email? Not in the mood to carry your laptop or portfolio for a presentation? Well if you have answered yes to all of these questions, then OneNote is definitely for you.

    This application came from the Microsoft Office family bringing convenience everywhere you go. This platform allows you to enter data using your keyboard or hand written notes, you can even create graphs and tables and also insert pictures. Saving is a breeze because it automatically saves everything for you. This wonderful tool delegates different pages into sections within the notebook. A notebook in Microsoft terms is that calls the OneNote files. Just like a real notebook, we are not bounded by uniform margins or formats compared to other applications similar to OneNote. Here you can simply scribble, type or freely attach snip clips to your work for that added quality or style.

    It is also a multi-user application that can be shared with peers and also allow offline editing and merging. Users can work on the same page at exactly the same time. This can also be accessed through different type of media like personal computers, laptops, tablets or smart phones. Making it available for you every time and everywhere.

    There are tips and articles on how to get started. But knowing all you need to know may sometime take time for you to master OneNote. Because of its multifunction feature, a week, a month may not be enough for you to discover what this powerful tool has to offer. Ask help from the professionally equipped people and be an expert too. Taking a Microsoft OneNote training will show you the fastest way to improve your compiling, distributing and note taking skill. This training is the best idea for you to do in order for you be familiarize on all its features and for you to start syncing your notes on all your gadgets.

  • Many people are attached to their mobile phones that researchers are trying to figure out a connection that can tell about health and mood. In fact, a phone may be able to tell whether its owner is depressed and this seems to be better that self-assessment. This is a new study that was published in Journal of Medical Internet Research.

    According to David Mohr one of the authors of the study and director of the Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, the more that people spend with their phones, the more likely that they will become depressed. Researchers also found out that spending lots of time at home is linked to depression and phone data could predict with 87% accuracy if someone has symptoms of depression.

    28 people ranging from 19 to 58 years old were recruited by Northwestern researchers from Craigslist and integrated location and usage monitoring software on their smartphones. At the start of the study, the subjects took a standardized questionnaire that measured depressive symptoms and the results revealed that ½ has symptoms of depression while the other half did not have any. For two weeks, the phones tracked the GPS location information every five minutes and pinged the users with questions regarding their mood several times a day.

    The phone data that were collected by the researchers were rich and it included information like the places the participants visited each day, the amount of time they spent in the places visited and how often they used their phones. The researches collated the data with the depression test scores. One of the things that researchers found out is people do not answer questions. They may respond for a few days and then get tired of it.

    People who tend to spend more time in just one or two places are more likely to have high depression scores. People who stuck to a regular pattern of movement tend to be less depressed. The data that was derived from the phones were very useful in tracking depression without the need for the user to report what he is feeling. This is usually the barrier to depression treatment.

  • Technology has become an important part of daily life. People who make software are the new celebrities and rock stars who are forging the path ahead for modern web. The first generation of computer scientists who developed the internet came from the academia but today, there is a new wave of programmers who do tons of work behind the scenes to make the internet safe, secure and lot more fun.

    1. Online she is “ladyada” but she is actually NYC-based MIT graduate Limor Fried who develops software and hardware for electronic products and projects all over the whole world. In 2013, Fried told Newsweek in an interview that the company has received $22 million in revenue.
    2. Facebook bought Oculus for $2 billion. The founder of Oculus VR is 22 year old Paler Luckey who will be lucky if virtual reality takes off like Facebook.
    3. Depression Quest is an award-winning game that was developed by Zoe Quinn but after being the target of an online harassment campaign, Zoe and partner Alex Lifschitz started on Crash Override which is an anti-online hate mob task force that builds software and tools to stop online harassment.
    4. Another victim of online harassment is Brianna Wu who is the co-founder of games studio Giant Spacekat that made the game Revolution for iOS. After experiencing online harassment, Wu became an outspoken advocate for equality in technology-related fields.
    5. Mitchell Hashimoto is a 26-year old co-founder of HashiCorp that develops programmer productivity software for customers that include BBC, Mozilla, Nokia and Yammer.
    6. Parisa Tabriz is 31 years old and holds the title of Google Security Princess meaning that she is the tech giant’s hacker in residence to figure out flaws in software.
    7. Sara Haider is an Android engineer at Twitter-owned Periscope and is best known for leading Twitter’s Android app.
    8. Rob Pike is co-developer of Go, a programming language that is trying to solve Google-esque problems at a huge scale.
    9. Pinterest’s Tracy Chou is building a reputation as a fast-riser in Silicon Valley development scene.
    10. Julia Wallin at 22 years old has done significant development work for NASA, Google and New York’s Guggenheim Museum.