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  • You want all your data filed in a place that is readily available and accessible? Are you tired of jumping from one file to another while doing a report? Do you want to share your notes to peers without having to print them out or sending huge attachments using your email? Not in the mood to carry your laptop or portfolio for a presentation? Well if you have answered yes to all of these questions, then OneNote is definitely for you.

    This application came from the Microsoft Office family bringing convenience everywhere you go. This platform allows you to enter data using your keyboard or hand written notes, you can even create graphs and tables and also insert pictures. Saving is a breeze because it automatically saves everything for you. This wonderful tool delegates different pages into sections within the notebook. A notebook in Microsoft terms is that calls the OneNote files. Just like a real notebook, we are not bounded by uniform margins or formats compared to other applications similar to OneNote. Here you can simply scribble, type or freely attach snip clips to your work for that added quality or style.

    It is also a multi-user application that can be shared with peers and also allow offline editing and merging. Users can work on the same page at exactly the same time. This can also be accessed through different type of media like personal computers, laptops, tablets or smart phones. Making it available for you every time and everywhere.

    There are tips and articles on how to get started. But knowing all you need to know may sometime take time for you to master OneNote. Because of its multifunction feature, a week, a month may not be enough for you to discover what this powerful tool has to offer. Ask help from the professionally equipped people and be an expert too. Taking a Microsoft OneNote training will show you the fastest way to improve your compiling, distributing and note taking skill. This training is the best idea for you to do in order for you be familiarize on all its features and for you to start syncing your notes on all your gadgets.

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