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  • A damaged cable in Australia, accidentally cut by construction crews working on an apartment in Chatswood, resulted in a two-day internet outage for Aussies, particularly for several companies. In this day and age, when the internet is treated as more an necessity than a luxury, such an outage would be devastating to Aussies of all stripes and professions, from a wedding planner in Sydney to an office worker in Queensland.

    The people who were most affected were the Aussies who had Dodo, iPrimu, Aussie Broadband and Exetel as their internet providers. The outage stretched across all of Sydney, even reaching people all the way out in Prospect, with some people in the CBD being affected.

    Naturally, there were quite a few complaints regarding the matter, with many an Aussie, from a wedding planner in Sydney, to a lawyer in Melbourne, among others, complaining on the outage and how long it was taking for the providers to deal with. Among the complaints was the fact that the outage affected certain people, but not others.

    Now, you look at that, that would indeed come across as problematic, and somewhat unfair. Some people’s jobs are so intrinsically tied to the internet that they’re effectively jobless without it.

    Naturally, the companies stated that they were doing what they could to deal with the issue as quickly as possible. Whether or not that’s true is a very touchy subject, but, for the sake of discussion, let’s assume that the companies did, in fact, deal with the matter as soon as they possibly could. After all, not only were they losing money, but they were up to their necks in complaints from angry customers.

    In that scenario, you would think that major telecommunications companies would have some sort of failsafe whenever an accident that damages their network cables. If not a failsafe, then at least have some prepared measures for such an eventuality. Not only did the repairs take time to start up, but there was also a time delay thanks needing specialized replacements.

    The recent outage made for some very upset customers, no doubt, and sowed doubt in the Australian populace. Telecomm companies need to act, and get the people’s trust back. One more thing, anyone else wondering what happened to the workers who were accidentally responsible for one of the bigger service outages in Australia this year?

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