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  • If you have worked with maps before whether that may be conventional or digital, you will know that mapping is not always that easy. Why do professional creators of map have a difficulty of making maps of different places? Typically, it is much easier to describe a trip that you make than it is to draw a map. Most people have this perception that a map needs to look like something and are therefore afraid to create their own maps thinking that it might be very silly compared to the other standard maps.

    Personal maps

    Usually an element of personal knowledge compared to a general knowledge about a place is what can make a very useful map and a powerful one. When you run out of words to describe a certain location which is not general knowledge, a map can picture it out for you. Maps are usually used in order to supplement a verbal description of a place but since you need to create a map which involves drawing a perspective from your mind, it can be very intimidating to do. The lack of ownership as well as intimidation of ownership over maps will create an interesting dilemma. In your minds, you might think that maps are made by professionals who have high knowledge regarding a certain place. What do these professionals lack? They mostly will just show the general or common information and it often lacks personal information which would make the map more interesting or useful to you.

    Technological barriers

    Creating maps with the use of digital technology is not anymore a new topic. Since the time that computers were created and could create graphic elements of different locations in the earth, people have been creating maps with the use of these technological interventions. Map illustrations are really helpful when you are locating for a place that you do not know what it looks like. The different sophisticated graphic techniques used on personal computers will allow you to create your very own high quality maps. It might seem difficult at first when working with software and programs that you are not familiar with but then eventually you will get the grip of it.

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