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  • Claim Di just recently announced their new service Claim Di K4K (“knock for knock”) which allows customers who experience minor collisions to simply shake their mobile phones when filing a claim for a Car Insurance.

    Claim Ki K4K claim process

    First-class Car Insurance holders will be offered this service. When a collision happens and the two drivers have the application currently installed in their mobile phones as well as a registration with Claim Di, they can both shake their smartphones next to each other resulting in the claim being filed on their behalf.

    Kittinan Anuphan who is the chief executive officer and founder of Anywhere 2 Go, Claim Di’s developer, mentioned that during the process of shaking their phones, the Car Insurance details are exchanged and are sent to their respective insurers for quick approval. When the claim has been approved, they can right away leave the accident scene without waiting for their insurance adjusters.

    Kittinan said that when using the Claim Ki K4K service, the policyholders will just spend a few minutes making claims rather than a 30 minute wait for the insurance adjuster surveying the case.

    Claim Ki K4K availability and affiliated insurance partners

    Claim Di K4K has already become available since September 1 for first-class motor policy holders with Muangthai Insurance, Bangkok Insurance, Thanachart Insurance and Deves Insurance.

    Customers from 6 other insurance companies will then be able to use the Claim Di K4K within October. These 6 more companies are Thaisri Insurance, Generali Insurance, Thai Setakij Insurance, Chubb Samaggi Insurance, AXA Insurance and LMG Insurance.

    The target group includes around 50% of the sum of top Car Insurance policies from all ten companies.

    Kittinan mentioned that the new service is beneficial for these 10 companies saving around Bt45 million annually. They will no longer need to send the adjuster for claim handling. This is both efficient for policyholders and companies alike.

    App downloads and registration

    As of September, the are 30,000 downloads of the Claim Ki K4K app, and 17,000 have already gone through Car Insurance policy registration. Since some have multiple policies, there are 20,000 Car Insurance (ประกันภัยรถยนต์) policies on the app ready for the “knock for knock” claims.

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