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  • If you fear that there is nothing more you can do about your small bathroom and if you think that think that the small space in your bathroom is limiting you from the things you can do to beautify and enhance your bathroom, you are mistaken. There is actually a lot you can do even with just a small space and in fact, you could even carve out more space in your bathrooms. The secret is with the bathroom sinks. This is one area you can find crucial extra inches. So don’t you feel discouraged just yet. Here are a couple of sink ideas that you can use for your small bathroom.

    1. Wall-Mounted Sink. This sink was common in small bathrooms during the 40s and 50s and is characterized by the fact that the sink’s washbowl and pipes are directly attached to the wall. Because of this, there will be a couple of space freed beneath the sink. Wall-mounted sinks are perfect for small bathrooms with a vintage or retro style. Another benefit you can get from this type of sink is that you’ll be able to choose the level where it is attached to the wall.
    2. Pedestal Sink. Pedestal sinks have been popular for over a century. One would definitely admire its good looks and especially how cleverly it had concealed its plumbing. The thing about pedestal sinks is that the basin is also attached to the wall but there is a pedestal resting on the floor to hide the plumbing. While this may be a little complicated to achieve, pedestal sinks provide function and beauty to a room. What’s more is that they are perfect for even the smallest of bathrooms.
    3. Scaled Down Vanity. If you would like to install beautiful double basin vanity units but is unable to do so because of the space, why not try a scaled-down vanity unit that can provide you with enhance function and appearance to your bathroom.
    4. Elongated Sink. You can also go for a skinny trough sink with double faucets if you have a long and narrow bathroom. It can provide your bathroom a feeling of either modernity or vintage while giving charm to your bathroom.

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