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  • Business Comments Off on 5 Tips To Safely Transfer Your Money To A Foreign Destination

    Sometimes you will need to transfer money to a foreign destination for a variety of reasons, such as buying property abroad, paying tuition fee for international studies, investing in foreign assets etc. Here are some of the factors to consider while choosing a method to transfer money to a foreign destination.

    1. Choose How to Transfer Money

    There are a wide range of choices to transfer money abroad. You can choose online or offline methods. You can transfer money online using the wire transfer offered by banks and currency exchanges in your city. Offline modes to transfer to money are cheques and bank drafts. Online modes are faster and safer when compared to offline modes. However, you have to be cautious while choosing a bank or currency exchange for online money transfers. Choose an institution with proper systems in place.

    1. Analyse the Speed of Disbursement

    While choosing your preferred mode of transferring money, keep the speed of disbursement in mind. Online modes like wire transfer and NEFT are quicker when compared to offline methods. Some online transactions can be done on real time basis.

    1. Check the coverage offered

    Before choosing a bank or a currency exchange to transfer money, enquire about the coverage offered. Check whether the institution has branches or partnership with the local institutions at your destination. Check whether the currency you want to offer is accepted by the bank or the exchange.

    1. Compare cost of Service

    While choosing a bank or other institutions to transfer money, factor in the cost of services. The cost of offline transfer is very less when compared to the cost of online transfers. Moreover the rates charged by banks are competitive when compared to the rates charged by money transfer services. It is always advisable to enquire about the charges and fees before you choose a bank or an exchange.

    1. Convenience

    Convenience is another factor to consider, while making payments in foreign exchange. Choose a mode which is convenient to you as well as the receiver. Check the maximum amount that can be transferred using different modes and choose a mode that suits your requirement.

    Considering these five factors before choosing a mode of transfer for foreign payments will help you to get a better deal. Always choose a reputed bank or a trusted currency exchange for online transfers.

  • Business Comments Off on Different Price Range Of Car Floor Mats

    Owning a car may be convenient but to some, it can also be pricy. You have to pay for maintenance, repairs, customizations, and other automotive matters that do not end the cycle of financial burden.However, there are important car parts that you should not avoid even when it means you have to extend your list of expenses. Among these is a set of car floor mats – a necessary protection for your footing while driving. If you have a strict budget, here is a guide of prices that may help you decide on your shopping.

    $9 to $20 – This is the cheapest range where you may find standard Floor Mats. These mats, which are mostly made of fabric, are common among car owners who avoid spending too much. Although affordable, this does not compromise their safety as drivers. Cheap floor mats still have the capacity to protect your feet from slippage while driving. After all, not all affordable products are made of low quality materials and at the same time, expensive ones cannot always promise the highest standards.

    $29 to $40 – Car floor mats within this price range are heavy duty in general such as snow mats for trucks.You may also opt for vinyl or rubber Floor Mats if this price range meets your budget.

    $40 to $125 – If you want floor mats that are custom formed to the interior of your car, this is the amount you have to prepare. This may mean higher cost upon your purchase, but this will save you from further expenses because they have a longer lifespan than cheaper Floor Mats. You do not have to buy a new set from time to time.

    Knowing the different price range of floor mats will help you decide if you are either going to break the bank or stick with your budget plan. Also, take note that before paying for a new set, you have to check its durability. Whether you opt for the cheapest or the most expensive, make sure they are durable and can serve its purpose for a long period of time.

  • Business Comments Off on Small Business IT Support, The New Frontier

    IT support services were generally required by large corporations with large operations, systems, and data. A most recent study reveals that this industry is going in a different direction.


    Market intelligence specialist, Parks Associate, and cloud and technical support services provider,Plumchoice, recently released the joint study that small business IT support services will be experiencing massive growth in the next four years. The study quotes more than $20 billion in revenue in that time frame, which is more than double what it is today. The data was gathered from a survey of SMB stakeholders such as owners, decisions makers, and managers.


    The research lists the technological focus of this growth is on a wide range of media. These include mobile phones, tablets, work stations, and even servers. It is suggested that those company offering IT support services and products must be able to provide for this wide range of products that small businesses utilize in order to break into and grow in this emerging market.


    As the Parks Associate principal analyst and vice president, Kurt Scherf has said, small to medium business needs in terms of technology are becoming more complex, especially when it comes to harnessing mobile devices as part of the business. SMBs are looking into, if not already currently utilizing, cloud technology, remote access, and virtualization. The use of such would require ongoing support that would include maintenance and updates.


    The study has shown that SMBs lose upwards of three hours a month repairing or calibrating issues on business mobile devices, which is almost the same amount of time dedicated to doing the same activities for the company servers. This much time lost by these businesses in attempting to trouble shoot on their own has given 30 percent of business owners the idea that professional technical support, the outsourced or remote kind, would be a good investment.


    The research is very clear and presented the numbers to support the findings that small business IT support service providers must maximize on this growing need for more technical support. It was also very clear that providers must ensure that not only do they provide a wide range of products and services to respond to the need, but also that they provide in the most timely and efficient manner.

  • Business Comments Off on Mobile Access Better Than Key Cards And Physical Keys

    It is very important for access control installation company to provide every facet of a service that the customer expects from high tech storage and delivery to end-of-life reverse logistics. Door access control system is an essential part of company security and technology has made the system sophisticated to avoid manual error.

    This year, it is expected that the number of mobile users all over the world will increase to about 4.7 billion. As the number of mobile users increase, there is a need for a mobile-enabled workforce that can use their mobile devices to access buildings and public facilities. Based on the estimates of Gartner Research, 20% of organizations will be using mobile credentials to access physical spaces by 2020.

    According to Steve Van Till, President and CEO of Brivo, managing physical access control form a mobile device is easy, cost effective and convenient. Mobile devices can enhance user experience because of the ease in distributing credentials which is similar to sending emails.

    Key cards and physical keys are traditionally used to gain access to buildings; however, they can easily get lost or forgotten. Mobile devices are more secure than key cards because of encryption, bio metrics, ease of revocation and lower risks of getting lost. The thing is, people have become so attached to their mobile devices and they very rarely forget the device.

    Adding new users to the access control system is easy and can be done from anywhere. In sectors where turnover is high and in facilities where temporary workers are employed, mobile access makes it easy for the facility to remove users. Facility managers save on the time and efforts of tracking workers who failed to return their key cards or physical keys. If the key card or physical key is stolen, locks have to be changed or security standards updated.

    If you are going to hire access control installation company, make sure that the company has extensive experience in managing the task. Assets must be transported in specialized vehicles and specialist handling equipment must be used to complete delivery at the site. There must be follow-up on the services with onsite maintenance, software updates and break-fix.

  • Business Comments Off on Customisation: The Better Option For Business Spaces

    Maximising a space is never more crucial than for commercial or office spaces. The brand of the business is expressed in its space, layout, design, and furniture. This expressionis a message that has a direct impact on how offices and commerce conduct their business and how customers perceive them.The best way to maximise these spaces is to customise them to the needs and requirements of the businesses and the spaces themselves.


    One such company that offers customisation is Systems Commercial. Based in Auckland, the company has been in the industry for 30 years and has been a partner of many businesses for all those years for their furniture and fitout needs. They guarantee functional pieces that do not compromise the aesthetic of modern styles and designs. Having both function and form, their affordable furniture has become the first choice in New Zealand and customers reach them via their stores or online.


    This company offers both products and services. Their products can be bought off the shelf or completely customised. Their ready-made products include pieces such as office seating, desks and workstations, and partitions. They also have sets or themes such as storage solutions, reception sets, and school furniture.


    On the other hand, customised furniture is full service. Their service begins with consultation as the start of the business process. This service brings the company experts and the clients together to develop the concept of the design and the layout. The concept will then be rendered into 3D spatial designs and layouts. This 3D technology allows for a realistic representation of the design that would polish the needs and wants of the clients with the professional advice of these experts and set the proper expectations and plans for both sides. An on-site visit is also an important part of the service to ensure the best and proper fitouts. Before execution and implementation, mood boards and trials are also part of the process for an in-depth evaluation of the design. Potential clients are given the opportunity for a free design, whether for renovation or revamp.


    Systems Commercial is a good example of a company that provides both products and services with off the shelf and customised pieces and sets. Anyone looking to have all these options to maximise their business spaces at the right price, aesthetic, and function should check their stores and online shop for their offices and commercial spaces.