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  • Apps & Software, News Comments Off on Is Worldwide Access for BBC iPlayer Possible?

    Streaming shows on the Internet are now one of the main venues to catchup with favorite TV shows and recent news. It has been so popular that people are now expecting that they can access anything and everything over the internet, however, there might be a few disappointments along the way in some regions and some countries. The shows from the UK may not be able to be accessed by people around the world and even in Ireland. Similar to that there might also be some shows in Ireland that may not be allowed to be streamed in the UK and other parts of the world. There are some limitations and restrictions in place in different places that may hinder the freedom of accessing content from different websites.

    Let us take BBC as an example. BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation, is the first and largest network for broadcasting around the world. They mostly focus on global and local news and have been translated into other languages to be able to reach worldwide broadcast. They are publicly funded since 1922 and has been grossing billions each year. It is then no wonder that they are able to create their own streaming service for viewers to catch-up on their favorite shows, the BBC iPlayer. This service, however, is only available to residents of the UK and has a license fee when used. Despite this restriction, it has been noted that there are a lot of people worldwide that are able to access the BBC iPlayer as seen by research results showing that this has a global audience given the popularity of their shows.

    Even near to their home location, Ireland is also one of the of those affected by these restrictions. BBC iPlayer in Ireland cannot be accessed by normal means as they have imposed fees to pay as the licensing rule is applied to the country as well. Aside from that, again the BBC iPlayer is restricted geographically as it is funded by the UK fees. People wanting to watch BBC shows while in Ireland need to think of other alternative ways to access its content. This led some to think of other ways to do so and most common idea is to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network and a proxy server. There are a number of tips and tricks that are now shared over the internet on how to bypass these restrictions and the steps to do so and people can now access BBC iPlayer in Ireland is now open to Irish residents.

  • Apps & Software, Business Comments Off on How Google Responded To The Backlash Received By YouTube

    According to YouTube it is presently taking the necessary measures to ensure that user-generated content does not end up positioning their ads by big brands next to content that is considered questionable. YouTube will no longer allow ads on channels that generate less than 10,000 views total across their posted videos.

    In an Interview with Wall Street Journal, YouTube said that the measures have been in development since November last year so that channels that steal content produced by other sources can be blocked from deriving revenue from the video platform.

    YouTube has been receiving strong reactions because of the display of advertisements from partners against videos containing racist and objectionable content. Google has responded to the growing backlash from advertising clients in UK that include Volkswagen, Tesco and the UK government itself over the extremist content on the video platform. Google has introduced additional controls so that advertisers can manage exactly where their ads will appear in YouTube.

    However, some major brands have like Coca Cola, Pepsi and Wal-Mart pulled their advertising except targeted search after the reports of Wall Street Journal regarding ads being displayed against unsavoury content. Even French media agency Havas, BBC and Royal Mail have pulled down their ads from YouTube because they thought that Google was unable to provide them with specific reassurances.

    Previously participation in YouTube advertising program was relatively easy with account owners applying to run ads next to their videos. There was very little to get into the way of being approved. YouTube has a system that automatically places ads against content through algorithmic methods.

    However, preventing the approval on a case to case basis is relatively difficult if not totally impossible. The 10,000 threshold will allow a certain process of self-selection so that obscure and offensive videos that do not generate a big audience will not be included.

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  • Home Improvement Comments Off on A Rivet Gun Can Be Your Ultimate Home Improvement Partner

    Home construction, wall decorations and woodworking may appear to be hard tasks to accomplish especially when you are not into doing some rough labour. Hiring a carpenter can be costly and time consuming. So why not do it yourself? With the right equipment and knowledge, home repairs can be a breeze.

    Rivet gun can help you save time and money. It is a tool used to drive a rivet. A rivet is used to join pieces of metal, plastic or both usually to an existing or previously drilled hole. It is mainly used as a home remedy to connect or re-attach pieces together. A rivet may come in different thickness and sizes, depending on the material that is intended to be connected.

    Once successfully punched through the hole, removal of the rivets will be a challenge. The only way to remove the rivet is to actually destroy it which may damage the materials you deliberately adjoined. Hence, you should be 100% sure where to place them. This means that riveting is highly reliable.

    When adjoining materials, it is advisable to use a washer bolt. It is a disk looking plate with a hole on a middle used as a locking device. It secures and locks your materials.

    Rivets are good with metal sheets for your roofing fixtures as nails would not really do the trick with these.

    Trying to make your work area at home become a little cosier, and at the same time space efficient? You might want to consider installing cabinets and shelves made of wood adjoined by a rivet. How about putting some paintings or your own creative artworks you have been dying to flaunt on your living room wall? Rivet gun can help you mount these in no time. No need to hire someone to install your window blinds, ornamental objects, or fix broken doors. With rivet gun, it possible that you can do all of these.

    Aside from rivet guns being an inexpensive option for your furniture and fixtures jobs, they are also very easy to use. Hence the next time you need to fix something, no need to fret as rivet gun will always come in handy.