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  • Digital, marketing, Reviews, Tips Comments Off on 2021 Forecast For Digital Marketing Looking Good

    2020’s been a rough year for a lot of industries. Even digital marketing, which got a huge boost from everyone going online, had some tough times, but things might be looking up according to the WARC Global Marketing Index 2020 review.

    The report, which had a sample size of 1000 marketers across the world, noted how a lot of the indices on the review showed recovery. They explain that this is indicative of the increasing confidence in economies as people adapt to the times.

    The Headline Global Marketing Index, which acts as a summary of the state of the global marketing industry, saw the greatest fluctuation in 2020, starting out the year with a slight decline then hitting an all-time low of 19.7 in May 2020 as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

    Since then, however, economies have been adjusting fairly-well, and optimism has resulted in the digital marketing industry slowly bouncing back, with three consecutive months of increasing growth, with the HGMI ending at 55.4, with APAC and the Americas leading the charge.

    2020 saw lifetime high and low lifetime values, with global marketing budgets reflecting the HGMI’s rends.

    As for medium, digital and mobile led the growth across the industry which started in August, thanks to the sudden boom in e-commerce as a result of people being stuck in their homes. Digital budgets and mobile ended 2020 with index values of 67.4 and 67.0, respectively, which is good news for the people invested in online ads, king kong agency review, and the like.

  • marketing, Reviews, Tips Comments Off on How To Manage Unfair And Unreasonable Customer Reviews

    Research shows that favourable reviews benefit businesses through an increase in traffic to their site, exposure to more consumers, and an increase in sales and profits. Consumers today are avid readers of reviews even if they are posted by strangers. Reviews help them make a more informed decision about a product or service.

    However, there are claims that a good proportion of reviews are fake and are written by freelance writers. Businesses are also complaining about the surge in unfair negative reviews that are supposedly written by the competitors.

    In order to weed out fake reviews, businesses must encourage their customers to use their real names and images when posting their feedback. There are also algorithms or mathematical formulas that can filter out overly positive and negative reviews and large groups of reviews that are posted for a business within a relatively short period of time.

    Most consumers would read between 5 and 10 reviews before making a purchasing decision. However, there are unreasonable comments that some customers choose to post. This practice can affect consumer’s perception of a business. Review sites usually try to identify and delete reviews that look suspicious; otherwise, the business can contact the website concerned and report the matter.

    Most of the king kong advertising reviews for a digital marketing agency are written by the company’s very own employees. Happy and satisfied employees are more than willing to share their experiences with others particularly tech talents who are searching for a job. The reviews also provide potential clients with the necessary information on how the digital agency treats its employees.

  • Art, Book Compiles, Illustrator Comments Off on New Book Compiles Rarely Seen Drawings From Andy Warhol

    World-famous Commercial Illustrator Andy Warhol is known for his illustration of Campbell’s Soup Cans, but the New York artist was also a member of the LGBT community.

    Back in 1952, he also had a series of line drawings that celebrated queer love, which were, unsurprisingly, rejected in the hypermasculinity-infatuated 50s America. The artist, however, refused to be kept down, and would continue to live his life unrestrained by social conventions, as noted by artist John Giorno, Warhol’s former lover.

    These drawings were later brought together in the book, Andy Warhol Love, Sex, and Desire Drawings 1950-1962. The book compiles 300 drawings, most of which were rendered on paper with ink, of gay men enjoying the pleasure of youth, beauty, and flesh.

    Notably, these drawings were made during a time when homosexuality was straight-up illegal, with full-frontal male nudity considered by the general public as ‘obscene’, meaning that their imagery of unrestrained sexuality, defiant against the norms of society, can be seen by some as a sign of liberation, and delight.

    Editor of the book, Dayton Hermann, noted that these drawings were first shown off by Warhol back in Valentine’s Day of 1956, at the Bodley Gallery, in Upper East Side, New York. They note how Warhol had no plans to get into the influential social cliques of the time by publicly showing off art that stands against the acceptable ideas of sexuality of the time period.

    Hermann says that, based on what the Commercial Illustrator did, Warhol was working on expanding those elite groups in order to include marginalized people like him. This fits nicely with the motto of The Factory, Warhol’s famous studio, which brought people together regardless of who they were, where they hailed from, and what their sexuality was. Warhol went so far as to say that people in The Factory weren’t actually that interested in him, but in seeing each other.

    Warhol kept his romantic relationships somewhat private, but his artworks showed off his queer identity. With that in mind, these compiled drawings might show more about the artist that made them than his self-portraits.

    Hermann says about Andy Warhol Love, Sex, and Desire show off Warhol’s hidden side, and paint a portrait of him, in spite of the fact that Warhol wasn’t in any of the drawings in the collection.

  • E-Commerce, Reviews, Service, Tips Comments Off on Fake Spot Says They Can Spot Fake Reviews And Sellers

    COVID-19 has hit the global economy hard, there’s no denying that. But the silver lining is that the companies that have good e-commerce operations have managed to rake in profits.

    With increasing e-commerce, things like King Kong agency reviews; the elements of online marketing, have become more powerful than ever. However, this also means that online fraud is becoming more of a problem.

    A New York-based startup, Fake spot is a newcomer on the e-commerce field, whose claim to fame is the use of AI to spot fake product listings and reviews on online marketplaces. The company was founded by Saoud Khalifah in 2016, who stated that they came up with the idea after dealing with troublesome listings on Amazon.

    Fake spot’s been getting some attention recently, with a  new Chrome browser extension that’s been getting a lot of downloads, on top of all the visits to their site, and used their “Fake spot analyzer” to help with a purchase.

    Khalifah says that they know fake King Kong agency reviews from real ones, as their AI has a database of 8 billion reviews (about 10 times what Trip advisor has), which it uses to improve. Reportedly, it can now check for AI-generated text, inorganically-made posts, and fake upvotes.

    Something like Fake spot is reassuring to have, in an age where fake reviews can lead to billions of spending, as noted by the data of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority who estimated that fake reviews influence about £23bn in consumer spending in the UK alone. However, it’s not foolproof; nothing is.

    Technology has limits, and we can’t depend on it entirely to be on the lookout for fakes and frauds. Fake spot is a wonderful tool, but, remember, safety starts with each of us.

  • E-Commerce, marketing, Technology, Tips Comments Off on Why Consumers Read Reviews Before Buying A Technology Product

    Reviews like King Kong marketing agency review have become a primary source of information for many consumers. Reviews have equal importance to the word of mouth recommendations from family and friends. People no longer make blind purchases because reviews and ratings are all over the internet.

    Technology products and gadgets are expensive and expected to last for a long time. Each technology product has unique features. For example, a computer mouse usually includes sensory technology, advanced optical tracking, USB receiver, and enhanced grip. However, before a buyer purchases a computer mouse, he reads online reviews to determine whether the product features actually work as claimed by the manufacturer.

    A few years ago, a consumer will go to the gadget market and see whether the advertised gadget is available. The vendor will demonstrate how the gadget works. 3 or 4 months after the purchase, the consumer notices that the processor is slowing down. Nowadays, a consumer can access reviews and ratings online that rate the product accordingly. The consumer gets a clear idea of the pros and cons of the gadget before making a purchase decision.

    There are different shopping websites that sell gadgets for lower prices than shopping malls or vice versa. Buyers will be aware of the price differences and whether the gadget is equally good after reading online reviews and ratings.

    For a digital agency, King Kong marketing agency is priceless. The reviews shared by customers provide the company with the best form of advertisement. Consumers trust reviews because they are usually based on personal experiences with a brand.

  • Lawyer, Service, Tips Comments Off on Canadian Lawyers Reporting Increased In Consultancies About Separation Due To Pandemic

    There hasn’t been hard data from a firm like Donich Law, but Canadian lawyers specializing in familial legislation have reported an increase in consultations relating to separations and divorce as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Family law specialist Diana Isaac, a partner at Shulman & Partners LLP, Toronto, stated that they’ve seen a 40% increase in calls from couples looking for advice on separation, or are outright looking to end their marriages, since the start of the pandemic.

    Isaac reported that they’re definitely seeing an increase in inquiries. They explain that they’ve seen people whose relationships have been on the edge of breaking down, and the lockdown pushed them into the edge. People were forced to stay together in the same time, dealing with financial stress, and issues regarding the pandemic.

    The spike in demand for legislative advice, that some firms like Donich Law have been forced to hold online sessions to navigate the legal system.

    Divorce mediator Edit Farun have been holding virtual meetups for couples looking for information about separating during the pandemic, alongside social worker Debiie Shawn and family-law lawyer Charlotte Goldfried.

    Farun noted surprise about how many people are looking for help with separation, with questions about how long the process would take, the costs, the issues that need to be dealt with, how the kids would be handled, and other inquiries,

    Farun agreed that the pandemic has led to the stress that drove people to their office. They explain that couples need friends and time away from each other to socialize. The COVID pandemic has locked people in their own homes, meaning that they’re in each other’s spaces 24/7. This, in turn, has made things much harder and more complicated for them.

    Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Montreal President Andrew Sofin noted how hard the pandemic has hit marriages in the country.

    He says that it’s something else, with the pandemic exacerbating all the issues that were present in people’s relationships.

    The damage isn’t equal, Sofin notes, saying that the people who have to deal with the most stress during the pandemic, like frontline workers,  as well as those living in small spaces, have been hit the worst.

    Sofin recommends that people try therapy to reconcile their differences first before having to resort to divorce.

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